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North East Quiz
Staying in
April 2020
Reading time 5 minutes

Think you know the North East?

With weekends in being the new norm we’ve put together a quiz to keep you entertained. Gather your friends, family, neighbours and fellow Geordies (virtually, of course) and put your North East knowledge to the test with our 20 questions on landmarks, Geordies, coastlines and geography.

1. Newcastle upon Tyne's famous football team is correctly known by which nickname?

2. Which world famous bridge does the Tyne Bridge resemble?

3. The Angel of the North is seen by how many people per year?

4. How many steps are there to the top of Grey’s Monument? 

5. What is the population of Newcastle? 

6. What size is the Town Moor?

7. Who said of a Barnard Castle establishment 'There is good ale at the King’s Head. Say you know me and I am sure they will not charge you for it'?

8. What do the towns of Yarm on Tees, Warkworth and the City of Durham all have in common?

9. Comedian and TV’s Pointless Presenter, Alexander Armstrong was born in which North East town?

10. What is the alternative name for St Cuthbert’s Isle which lies just off the shore of its larger neighbour, Lindisfarne?

11. What famous drink was invented by William Owen, a chemist in Newcastle’s Barras Bridge in 1927?

12. Which North East town changed hands between Scotland and England 13 times but has been permanently part of England since 1482?

13. What is the name of the 200 feet long Teesdale Waterfall situated at the eastern end of Cow Green Reservoir?

14. The Dog Leap Stairs on Newcastle Quayside are mentioned in which song by Dire Straits?

15. Which famous poet was married at Seaham in 1815?

16. What was the former name of the village centred on what is now Gosforth High Street?

17. Who gave Jesmond Dene as a gift to the people of Newcastle?

18. To which saint is Newcastle cathedral dedicated?

19. Which North East city has a place-name that is thought to mean ‘separated land’?

20. How many metres tall is Roseberry Topping? 

Click here for the answers!

Keep your eyes peeled for our Big Yorkshire Quiz coming up too!


The Magpies

The Tyne Bridge was designed by Mott, Hay and Anderson who based their design on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which in turn derived its design from the Hell Gate Bridge in New York.

The A1 motorway is right next to it so it's seen by one person every second - that's 90,000 people every day or 33 million every year.

164 steps.


1000 acres.

Charles Dickens

All in the meander of a river


Seaton Sluice


Berwick on Tweed

Cauldron Snout

Down to the Waterline

Lord Byron

Bulman Village

Lord Armstrong

St Nicholas




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