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E-Letter Big Yorkshire Quiz
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May 2020
Reading time 5 minutes

Think you know God's Own Country?

With weekends in being the new norm, we’ve put together a quiz to keep you entertained. Gather your friends, family, neighbours and fellow Yorkshiremen (virtually, of course) and put your knowledge to the test with our 20 questions on landmarks, coastlines, and geography.
1. Which counties border Yorkshire? 

2. To which Saint is York Minster dedicated?

3. Which City is known as ‘The Steel City’?

4. How many of the world famous Betty’s Tearooms are there in Yorkshire? 

5. How long is the Pennine Way? 

6. Wakefield, Morley and Rothwell all form part of what? 

7. Where is the highest pub in Yorkshire? 

8. Which Yorkshire cricketer captained England to an Ashes victory in 2005?  

9. What sports world championship event is held at The Crucible in Sheffield?

10. Which Yorkshire cheese do Wallace & Gromit enjoy? 

11. Who wrote books based on the experiences of a Yorkshire vet?

12. Which soap is filmed in Yorkshire?

13. When is Yorkshire Day celebrated?

14. What colour is the Yorkshire Rose? 

15. How many steps lead up to Whitby Abbey?

16. Which gingerbread cake, made with oatmeal and black treacle, is particularly associated with Yorkshire?

17. Which cathedral city in the Borough of Harrogate is the third smallest city in England?

18. Which river passes through Leeds city centre?

19. Which Yorkshire actress was made a dame in 1988?

20. If Yorkshire was a country, where would it have finished in the 2012 Olympics?

See below for the answers!

Durham to the north, Westmorland to the northwest, Lancashire to the west, Cheshire and Derbyshire to the southwest, and Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire to the southeast.

St. Peter



270 miles

The Rhubarb Triangle

Tan Hill

Michael Vaughan



James Herriot


1st August






Dame Judie Dench


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