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Three of the Best: Travel Podcasts
Staying in
July 2021
Reading time 2 minutes
Three of the Best: Travel Podcasts.

Armchair Explorer

Each episode of Armchair Explorer sees one of the world’s greatest adventurers tell their best story from the road, all set to music with cinematic sound effects. Host Aaron Miller gets straight to the action – there are no long-winded, waffling interviews here.

The Big Travel Podcast

Think Desert Island Discs, but instead of telling the story of their life through music, guests (from politicians to paralympians) share their life through travel. Whether they’re telling tales of rain-soaked childhood camping holidays or far-flung destinations, this podcast reminds us all what we love about travel.

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

It’s a simple premise – dramatic readings of one-star reviews of attractions and destinations by people who were let-down in some small and unimportant way, and felt the need to shout about it on the internet – but it really is funny. Check out the recent episode on New York bagel shops.

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