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Living North’s Christmas Fairs

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Living North’s Christmas Fairs
Whitby Guided Walk
Places to go
July 2021
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Whether it’s a bloody look into some haunting history, a booze-infused stroll around a spa town, or a trek through Yorkshire’s stunning countryside

A guided walk ticks all the boxes for an unforgettable stroll through Yorkshire’s hidden gems this summer.
The Bloody Tour of York

Experience 2,000 years of gory history as you wander the cobbles of York’s ancient streets and alleyways. This award-winning tour is guided by Mad Alice – a figure of local folklore who was hanged in 1825 as a mad woman – and will give you an insight into the darker side of the city’s history and its not-so-nice characters, with your tour guide keeping you highly entertained with loopy outbursts and plenty of secrets. As well as offering a highly informative look into the blood-soaked streets after the Plague and Viking invasions, the tour also tells of some of York’s famous figures and their lasting legacy within the city, including Guy Fawkes and Dick Turpin. Fun-filled, spooky, and informative, The Bloody Tour is suitable for all ages and abilities.
07584 855443

The Bloody Tour Of York The Bloody Tour Of York
Sunset Over the Dales Guided Walk

Starting in the village of West Burton, this guided walk will lead you to unparalleled views over the Yorkshire Dales (hopefully) culminating in a breathtaking sunset. Your tour guide, Matt Coppin, is a keen hiker and qualified Hill and Moorland Leader, so you’ll be in capable hands as you experience the Dales in a different light. Leaving West Burton, it’s a three-mile walk during which you’ll stroll past the beautiful waterfall, along walled lanes and through wildflower-filled woodlands, before the views of the Dales open up in a stunning stretch along Wensleydale and Bishopdale. Watch the sun cast its ever-changing colours across the rolling hills and endless landscape as it sets over the Walden Valley. Matt provides nibbles and and refreshments at the sunset spot, as well as torches and an easy route back to West Burton to ensure you arrive safely.
Muddy Boots Walking Holidays
01969 663838

Sunset Over the Dales Guided Walk Sunset Over the Dales Guided Walk
Whitby Storyteller Guided Walks

The Whitby Storyteller Tour has been tried, tested and loved by many, including Joanna Lumley, and we’re sure you’ll love it too. The tour tells the tale of Whitby, where the North York Moors meet the windswept North Sea, and guides you through the winding streets and infamous landmarks of Yorkshire’s much-loved seaside town. Explore the world of wild seafaring, coastal smuggling and sacred places during a leisurely tour around the old east side of the town – full to the brim with facts, fun and fascinating folklore. Rose Rylands hosts the tour, a fountain of knowledge, with plenty of humour and flair (you’ll feel like you are experiencing Whitby with a good friend). Book a private 80 minute tour for an intimate and in-depth look into Whitby for couples or smaller groups.
Whitby Storyteller
01947 841198

Whitby Storyteller Guided Walks Whitby Storyteller Guided Walks
Harrogate Beer Tours

If you fancy a tipple and a taste of Harrogate, Harrogate Beer Tours’ tour guide Adam Dickinson can certainly tell you a thing or two about beer, having travelled up and down the country visiting some of the biggest breweries and learning his craft in brilliant beers. Adam will lead you through the doors of five unique and characterful bars – from micro-pubs to breweries – and you’ll sample five different beers and ales in each location. As well as pulling your own pint, you’ll have the chance to see beer brewing in action, and to learn a little about the history of the spa town as you wander through the picturesque streets hopping from bar to bar, meeting the landlords in each location to learn more about them and their own passion for brewing. It’s a two and a half hour tour and at the end you’ll receive two local beers to take home too.
Harrogate Beer Tours
07595 161156

Harrogate Beer Tours Harrogate Beer Tours
Wild Country and Wildlife Walks

Experience both the North York Moors and North Yorkshire’s coastal stretch during this guided tour with a difference. Offering low impact, wild country walks incorporating bushcraft, problem solving and drawing and photography experiences – there’s certainly something for everyone. With the option to choose an informative wild country walk from the moors through to the coast, or a fun-filled family tour, incorporating lots of exciting challenges and experiences along the way, it’s a wild and wonderful exploration of the area. Guide Andrew Middleton is an experienced outdoor educational teacher, and he will ensure you immerse yourself in the wild, upland valleys and exhilarating landscapes.
Wild Country Walkabouts
01642 965918

Wild Country and Wildlife Walks Wild Country and Wildlife Walks

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