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Tips For Choosing A Marquee
November 2013
Reading time 5 minutes

What to consider before choosing your marquee…

Location, Location, Location
Many couples dream of having a wedding reception marquee on their front lawn, but despite most hire companies offering bespoke solutions, it’s not often possible. There are however, lots of alternatives. The village green for example, may be within walking distance of the church and often the only cost is a donation to the local parish council. Many hotels, stately homes and castles allow marquees to be put up in their grounds for a one-off hire charge, and lots of marquee hire companies work closely with venues to offer discounted prices.

What Lies Beneath
In the past you had to ensure the location of your marquee was free from boggy or uneven ground, curbs and streams, but the revolutionary substructure flooring offered at Bakerwood Marquees means there’s no need to worry about any of these issues. Whatever the conditions, this clever system irons out undulations and substantial height differences allowing almost any ground surface to hold a marquee. Consequently you can then concentrate on the flooring you want to see on the inside, such as cream carpets and shiny white dance floors. 

From The Window To The Wall
Depending on your marquee hire company, there are lots of different wall, window and door options. In summer (if the weather permits) marquees look great with open sides, as guests can spill out onto the lawn, but a see-through option is also available for walls and looks great too. Lining is very important, and most companies offer contemporary white and cream linings, very different to the old ‘frilly knicker’ style lining made famous in the 1980s. Doors can usually be placed anywhere, and as well as the entrance you can also have patio-style doors leading onto wooden decking and terraces. If you want to stray from the traditional marquee style, choose PapaKata in North Yorkshire, which offers tipis style tents in many sizes. Yorkshire Yurts offer beautiful handcrafted yurts with steam bent wooden latex and solid oak doors. Both have a much more natural feel, and are a great option if you’re looking for something completely different. 

Food Glorious Food
Most outside caterers will be familiar with pop-up kitchens, but make sure the marquee structure is suitable for their needs too, with sufficient access, water and electric points. Some marquee companies also offer catering, and this can be the most effective way of ensuring everything flows easily and efficiently.

Tick Tock
Make sure you ask questions about timescale. When will the marquee be erected and taken down? When will it be ready to decorate? What will the ground be like after it has been taken down? The answers to these questions may affect your choice of location.

Perfect Package
Check what services are included in the price before you confirm any booking, and don’t be afraid to ask for help with the planning. Marquee weddings can take a lot of organising, so many companies team up with specialist event managers to ensure the day runs smoothly. One example of this is Alnwick Marquees, who have teamed up with Signature One Ltd, an established event management team who promise to take the stress out of wedding planning. This type of partnership is great for those dreaming of a hassle-free big day.

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