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Top Tips for Getting Your Makeup to Last Your Whole Wedding Day

wedding Makeup
August 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

When it comes to your wedding, looking your best could be costing you a lot of money

But not every couple wants to break the bank when it comes to makeovers - so how can you make your wedding makeup look professional and last all day without the price tag? Here are our top tips.

In the UK, research has shown the average couple spends £650 on wedding hair and makeup alone. But not everyone wants to pay the price – so how can you make your wedding makeup look professional and last all day without the price tag? Here, the experts have shared their top tips, from the anti-perspirant deodorant hack, to ensuring you don't skip the essential preparation, and how to pick the perfect beauty products.

Don’t Skip the Preparation

Lasting memories are created at weddings, and photographs are a central part of the day. Everyone wants to look their best in front of the camera. But did you know the run-up is just as important as applying your makeup on the big day?

Preparation is key when it comes to making sure you look flawless. Making sure you drink plenty of water can help flush out toxins from your skin and keep you looking supple and glowing without the need for makeup.

‘Your wedding day is a busy one. Most couples will find it difficult to sit down, take a breather, and have a drink – and even when you do have a drink, it isn’t likely to be water,’ says Stacey Rather, hotel manager at Lake District Country Hotels. 

‘Making sure you are well hydrated heading into your big day is crucial. This not only gives you a host of health benefits, but it can help make your skin look flawless before the cameras – and who doesn’t want that stunning candid, or even plandid, photograph with their partner?’

Spend some of your beauty-assigned money on early preparation. Treatments such as eyelash lifts, eyebrow laminations, and tints can all make you look and feel your best on the big day without needing too much preparation on the morning – giving you more time to focus on your loved one than on your lashes.

Pick and Practice

Choosing the right makeup for you can also help have a long-lasting effect on the day. A wedding ceremony, and especially a reception, can be a hot and tiring event. From greeting guests to dancing, you will be on your feet a lot.

Making sure you have makeup you feel secure in can help keep your look fresh throughout the day without worrying about getting too hot. Starting with a good primer which makes your skin tacky enough to hold foundation and concealer is crucial, and finishing off with a good setting spray can help secure it all in place.

Testing out different makeup routines before the big day will help you find the best practice for your skin. Not only can you perfect the right look for you, but you can test out new products and how well they hold. Why not test your makeup out during your exercise routines to give it a really rigorous testing? If it can last through that, you will be good to go for your wedding day!

Beat the Shine

One culprit for ruining your makeup could be rubbing it. If you have oil-prone skin or expect to sweat, you might be tempted to dab at your face. But even as a quick fix up with a napkin or toilet paper, you could be removing some of your makeup and leaving yourself with an uneven complexion.

One way to resolve this is to invest in an oil absorbing stick. These are stone rollers which absorb the oil and sweat from your face without removing or disrupting your makeup to leave you with a soft, matte complexion without smudging your contour.

Another hack some couples are exploring is the anti-perspirant deodorant hack. This is where you take a roll-on stick deodorant and apply it to sweat-prone parts of your face, such as your upper lip and hairline! This will steer off some of the sweat during the day, letting you dance away without worry. But make sure to try this out well in advance of your big day as you don’t want to be suffering an allergic reaction for that first kiss.

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