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Top Tips for Trick-or-Treating and Other Halloween Family Fun

Gril dressed for halloween holding a pumpkin bucket standing next to a pumpkin wearing a witches house Dreamstime
October 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes

Happy Halloween! There are so many spooky ways to spend time as a family this season

We've rounded up our trick-or-treating top tips, halloween recipes and affordable costumes to get you through spooky season.
pumpkins with a tick or treat wooden sign Unsplash

Top Tips for Trick-or-Treating

1. Not everyone on your street may be celebrating Halloween – look for houses that have Halloween decorations. These houses are likely not to mind being disturbed and even more likely to have bought treats.

2. Children should always go with a responsible adult. Halloween should always be a safe time to go out and about around where you live, but just to be safe young kids should be always be accompanied by an adult – and a torch!

3. Plan your route. While it is likely you know the area around your own house, depending how far you go it’s easy to become lost when you’re out in the dark. Planning a route will also help everyone know where you are.

4. Be sure to check the treats before you eat them – if you or your kids suffer from allergies be sure to check what it is they’re picking out of the sweetie bowl as you never know what people are giving out.

5. Take younger kids out first. Halloween is one of those times where the age difference between trick-and-treaters becomes increasingly apparent. Whilst your eldest might want to wait until it’s pitch black before heading out, Halloween can become a little rowdy.

Spookily Stylish

The cost of a brand new Halloween costume can quickly add up – especially just for it to be worn for a few hours. For a more affordable (and sustainable) approach why not invest in things that can be worn every day too? We’ve picked out some spooky-yet-stylish pieces to make this Halloween season much better value

Monster sweatshirt


Pumpkin patch leggings 


Tutu dress

Bob & Blossom at Katie & May, Leeds and Jump, Newcastle


Monster-feet slippers

Marks & Spencer, branches regionwide


Navy stripe tights

Lilly + Sid at Doodlebug, Wetherby


Get spooky in the kitchen with these bonkers bakes for Halloween from Kim-Joy

Hurricane Spider Swiss Roll

This ‘hurricane’-style Swiss roll (named as such because of the pattern created by the two colours swirled together) is made using a chiffon cake technique, so it is soft like a pillow.

Pannacotta Eyeballs

These are a perfect light and refreshing dessert after a big Halloween meal. You’ll feel a bit like a fancy chef making these and splashing coulis artfully around the plate.

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