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December 2021
Reading time 3 Minutes

The classic combination

In an ever changing world, there’s something comforting about traditional red and green at Christmas.
Christmas Red and green

1 Holly cake stand, £25 Bordallo Pinheiro, stockists regionwide

2 Frosted wreath, £29.99

3 Ruby red crystal tumblers, £139

Victorian-style green bauble, £40 Artifactually at

Christmas red and green

Rockin’ Robins mug, £11.50 Wrendale, stockists regionwide

Amina glass candlestick, £27.50 ibbi at Vallum, Northumberland

Wool blanket, £75 Atlantic Blankets at Osski, Northumberland

Christmas red and green

Linen napkin (pack of four), £35.90

Painted tree bauble, £6 John Lewis & Partners

10 Unframed print, £50 Astrid Wilson at

11 Potted cyclamen, £39.95

Red and Green Christmas interiors

12 Fir and rosehip garland, £60 Gisela Graham, stockists regionwide

13 Spruce robin sideplate, £17.99 Emma Bridgewater, stockists regionwide

14 Festive forest stocking, £17.50 Sophie Allport, stockists regionwide

15 Grenache cushion, £70 Oka, Harrogate

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