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Staying in
February 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

The LN team has enjoyed reading two very contrasting books to one other this month

From a crime fiction by Robert Galbraith the pen name of J.K. Rowling, to Wim Hof, the iceman who is dedicated to motivating people about the benefits of exposure to the cold, these two books offer something for the mind in two very different ways.

The Ink Black Heart
Robert Galbraith

J.K. Rowling’s troubled detectives Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott are back, and this time they’re dealing with a case where what’s going on online is just as important as what’s going on in front of them. Edie Ledwell is the co-creator of an animated series called The Ink Black Heart, and she’s being harassed online by someone known only as Anomie. When she’s found dead in Highgate Cemetery, Strike and Robin take on the case. There’s some slightly confusing formatting in this novel as conversations in chat rooms are reported simultaneously, with some pages split into three columns, but don’t be put off – it’s an engaging read with a proper old-fashioned detective story at its heart.
Kate Foley, Assistant Editor

The Wim Hof Method
Wim Hof

If you haven’t heard of Wim Hof, then let me introduce you to a man whose infectious positivity and dedication to motivation will have you taking a cold shower in winter or plunging yourself into an ice bath (although caution is advised). I became fascinated with cold water therapy after watching Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof on BBC and bought his neatly compact book. There’s no messing around with Wim, he gets straight to the point. Wim shares his fascinating life story and what led him to take to the cold. He also guides you through breathing exercises and techniques to help build your tolerance to cold water – and it actually works! As a lover of the warmth, I managed cold showers for two months. I was also amazed by how incredible I felt after doing the breath work, and I will be referring to this book for years to come.
Hannah Colley, Digital Manager

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