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The Ultimate Pre-Match Playlist for Newcastle United at Wembley

back gates with football badge Flickr Kelly McClay &
February 2023
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Get ready and raring to go with our Toon-tastic pre-match playlist

If you aren't lucky enough to be heading down to London to take in Newcastle's first final since 1999 this weekend, we've got just the playlist for you to build the atmosphere and create a Wembley Way wherever you are.

Big River - Jimmy Nail

‘For this is a mighty town, built upon a solid ground, and everything they tried so hard to kill, we will rebuild.’

Jimmy Nail’s lament to his industrial childhood and the Tyne as the region’s economic artery has seen a resurgence in popularity post-takeover. The lyrics were emblazoned on Wor Flags’ first display of the new regime, flying high in the Gallowgate following their withdrawal from the club during the final years of Mike Ashley.

17 Going Under - Sam Fender

‘I’m really really hungover,’ – Sam Fender on BBC Breakfast the morning after the takeover was confirmed.

If Jimmy’s ballad spoke of the region’s industrial decline, Sam Fender’s lyrics are an equally defiant statement of youth in a region that can feel forgotten by those in power. While children of both generations have been starved of Toon success, it feels unlikely that the region will be a footballing afterthought in years to come.

Football supporters holding black and white flags during a pitch inspection Wor Flags
football fan waving a scarf above his head Newcastle United

Home Newcastle - Busker

‘If you never win the cup again – I’ll brave the dark at St James’s Park in the Gallowgate End in the rain.’

Busker’s tragicomic ode to his lost love, Newcastle, is a tonic for the Geordie diaspora. It reminds them of all they miss of home and more, filling their heads with the dream of their next reunion. A song that often accompanies the journey back over the Tyne – how it would suit being paired with silverware?

Blaydon Races - Houghton Weavers

Aal the lads and lasses there, aal wi’ smilin’ faces, gannin’ along the Scotswood Road, to see the Blaydon Races.’

This traditional Geordie folk song is the longest lived of all Toon Terrace chants – you can hear it in the crowd in 1955 when Newcastle last lifted the FA Cup. There promise to be smilin’ faces along more than the Scotswood Road next Tuesday if the Toon return with the trophy – the date has been earmarked for a potential Bus Parade.

Moving All Around (Jumpin’) - Shack

‘You got me jumpin’ and bumpin’ and movin’ all around.’

Picking up the tempo now, adopted Geordie Shack has gained a cult following through playing impromptu raves on the steps of St James’s Metro Station after games, and was invited to play a set before the Southampton semi final. This house banger was released on fellow Geordie Patrick Topping’s Trick label, showing the strength of dance music in the North East currently.

Gimme Gimme Gimme - Abba

‘Gimme gimme gimme a striker from Sweden  his first name’s Aleksander and his second’s Isak.’

A song that needs no introduction, but borrowed to pay homage to Newcastle’s record signing who looks in line to get the nod to start up front on Sunday. Expect to hear this loud and proud if he gets his name on the scoresheet. 

Pretty Green Eyes – Ultrabeat

‘He’s from Blyth, you’ll never ever beat Dan Burn!’

Local boy Dan Burn got his first goal for Newcastle in front of the Gallowgate in the quarter finals and treated the Sky Sports cameras to some questionable dance moves in the changing room post-match. Dan would have been on the buses to Wembley as a fan were he not in the squad, the same buses where this and many other chants were coined. The importance of the connection this team retains to its local roots despite the influx of foreign capital can’t be overstated.

Going Home (Theme of the Local Hero) - Mark Knopfler

Anyone who’s ever watched a match at St James knows the soaring saxophone and euphoric guitars that greets the players when they step out in Black and White. Get this on as the final song on Sunday and really build that home from home matchday atmosphere. Howay the Lads!

A football team in front of fans holding up a motivational sign Newcastle United

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