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Wynyard Hall Greenhouse
Eat and Drink
June 2024
Reading time 2 Minutes

The Glass House at Wynyard Hall is a must-visit destination for any foodie in 2024

Nestled within the kitchen garden of Wynyard Hall lies a hidden gem and a haven for culinary enthusiasts and nature lovers alike - The Victorian Glass House, a timeless marvel steeped in history, invites you to indulge in a dining experience unlike any other.

Step into this picturesque sanctuary, a mere stone’s throw away from the grandeur of the main house, and immerse yourself in the relaxed ambience that only nature can provide. Surrounded by a verdant tapestry of botanical wonders, The Glass House offers a dining experience that seamlessly blends heritage with contemporary British gastronomy.

Since the 1800s, this ground has been a cradle for homegrown produce, nurturing a tradition of culinary excellence that resonates in every dish served. The harmonious marriage of tradition and innovation is evident in the meticulously curated menu, showcasing the freshest seasonal ingredients harvested straight from the adjacent kitchen garden.

Every meal at The Glass House is a celebration of flavours, textures and aromas that pay homage to the rich culinary heritage of the region while embracing modern techniques and trends. Take time to indulge in delectable creations crafted with care and passion by their talented chefs.

Savour the essence of the seasons with dishes that evolve with nature’s bounty, ensuring that every visit is a unique and memorable gastronomic journey. Whether you seek a leisurely lunch surrounded by lush greenery or an intimate dinner, every moment promises an experience to cherish.

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