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What To Do This Weekend: Barbecues, Brilliant Getaways and Booking Ahead

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April 2021
Reading time 5 minutes
As we find our way out of lockdown, here's how to spend your weekend.

Barbecues and the most tempting tipples to get you started

If you have got a barbecue planned this weekend with friends and family, then here are the best barbecues and fire pits for al fresco entertaining. If you’re looking for some cool cocktails to accompany the burgers and baps, or skewers and salads, then Yorkshire’s Otterbeck Distillery have provided us with some delicious recipes to concoct using their Cotton Gin.

Book ahead for May madness

Restaurants across the region are raring to go and many open their doors for you to dine indoors on 17th May. We’ve rounded up some of the most sensational dining spots for you, so you can get booked in nice and early.

Style up this spring

Now you’re out and about again drinking and dining, here are the prettiest dresses you might need for drinks with the girls, cocktails, afternoon tea – or even that garden party you’ve been waiting for since 2020.

Have a sensational snooze

With changing daily routines and new patterns part of all our lives now, we’re adjusting to yet another new normal. It’s not unusual to notice a change in your sleep over the next few weeks. We’ve got you. Here’s our top tips for how to get a good night’s sleep so you stay on top form for all that back-to-normal life you’ve got coming up.

Plan a getaway

We’re slowly starting to get a feel for freedom and since we’ve been locked down for so long, we’re really keen to get out and about exploring our wonderful region again. We’ve rounded up the ultimate hot-spots for you to head to when you want to go off grid. Don’t forget to take a beautiful shot on your trips away and tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #LivingNorth. We can’t wait to see what you’re up to!


If you’re back to commuting on the train, the bus, or just buzzing round the kitchen at home doing odd jobs, you may be in need of some really easy listening. One of our favourites is Expanded with Lacy Phillips, which offers weekly deep dives into manifestation, empowerment and how to reprogram your subconscious mind.


A Pocketful of Kindness. The book features short stories, monologues and TedTalk-style chapters championing the power kindness plays in transforming people’s lives. This is the perfect read for positivity to start your weekend, the right way. Ian says, ‘Kindness is in infinite supply, and you never feel worse for being kind.’ You can grab a copy at now. He started writing stories of his experiences in dementia care, working with young people with learning difficulties and his time working in crime reduction for the Home Office in his home city of York and further afield. This is a pop of happiness with that homely feel of our region hidden in amongst the stories.

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