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Floral Bee wallpaper with concrete wall, sink and gold taps
May 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

Perfect picks and hot new trends you need to know about

Here’s everything to have on your radar including this months micro trend
twin chair with 2 side tables and 2 lamps

The paint industry currently creates more than 50,000 tonnes of toxic waste every year, but pioneers of sustainable paint, Edward Bulmer, have spent years developing natural paints using plant-based ingredients and mineral pigments instead of petrochemical-derived products. Their paints are non-toxic, breathable, and eco-friendly – and the colours are great too! Water based eggshell, £80 per 2.5ltr

left: Floral Bee wallpaper with concrete wall, sink and gold taps, right: wooden chair with yellow and white gingham cushion

Left: Whimsical without being twee, like so many of Hattie Lloyd’s hand-drawn designs, Bee Bloom wallpaper is inspired by nature. The bee’s wings turn into floral bouquets but teamed with rustic wood and concrete, this wallpaper turns into a work of art. Bee Bloom, £89 per roll

Right: Inspired by fantastical costume drama and elaborate rococo design, the new Cotton Candy collection from Newcastle-based designer Susi Bellamy includes fabric, lampshades and cushions. We love this retro-style caramel ruffle check cushion, £125

Green chess-piece style porcelain table Chunky, chess-piece style porcelain table suitable for indoors and out when you need an extra surface. Zeus table, £528
oak tray and table The perfect versatile combo of oak tray and table. Terence Butler tray table, £380 Neptune at Bridgewater Interiors, Gateshead and Wylam
Grey Bobbin side table Great value and great style. Bobbin side table, £99 Any Day at John Lewis & Partners, Newcastle

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