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Why We're Supporting Yorkshire Air Ambulance at Our Christmas Fair

Yorkshire Air Ambulance
November 2023
Reading time 4 Minutes

Living North's chosen charity for this year's Christmas Fair is Yorkshire Air Ambulance

We're delighted to be supporting this charity which saves lives across the county.

As a rapid response air emergency service Yorkshire Air Ambulance serves approximately five million people across three million acres, and as a charity they rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations to help them save lives across Yorkshire. Linda Stead, regional fundraising manager for North and East Yorkshire, tells Living North more.

‘Hopefully most people will be aware of the work Yorkshire Air Ambulance do across Yorkshire,’ says Linda. ‘We operate two state-of-the-art helicopters which fly to those who are critically injured and require urgent medical attention across Yorkshire. Our teams of highly-skilled clinicians take A&E to the scene of the accident, meaning patients start receiving urgent medical attention in the quickest time. This can often mean the difference between life and death for many of our patients. We can also access rural and remote locations across the regions, where land ambulances and response vehicles may struggle to get to. We will also fly patients to hospital for urgent treatment – often to Major Trauma Centres, rather than the nearest local hospital. This means our patients can access the best specialists and treatment plans, specific to their injury types.’

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Many positive changes have been made to the running of Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) recently. ‘Most significantly we welcomed our two new H145 D3 models at the start of the summer,’ says Linda. ‘They are called G-YAAA and G-YORX and replace our previous helicopters. The new models have a whole host of technological and clinical advancement including being a lot smoother and quieter in flight, and come with wireless data connectivity, satellite communications, a greater payload, and external cameras for looking under the aircraft. Alongside our upgraded fleet, YAA, in partnership with Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS), took the decision to employ our own Technical Crew Members. These roles assist our pilots in the front passenger seat of the helicopters, dispensing with the need for the second paramedic to undertake the supporting navigational duties also required of them. This will alleviate pressures in the NHS and help protect our operations. These roles are able to medically assist the paramedic and doctor on board, but do not have the same vast and specialist clinical knowledge they carry.’

Ultimately Yorkshire Air Ambulance is there to save lives. Over the last 23 years, nearly 10,000 people have made it to hospital for vital life-saving treatment because of their service. For many of these people, the Air Ambulance’s intervention and help made the difference between life and death and had a significant impact on their survival and recovery.

Living North readers can support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance in a variety of ways, including through a monetary donation, playing their ‘Saving Lives Lotto’, contributing to their successful recycling scheme, becoming a volunteer or supporting local fundraising events. ‘We have just launched our brand new lottery Saving Lives Lotto, giving supporters the chance to win up to £25,000 per week, plus other weekly prizes, all whilst supporting YAA,’ Linda explains. ‘From just £1 per week to play, it’s a great way to support the charity whilst being in with the chance of winning a great prize too.’

Linda says the Yorkshire Air Ambulance are ‘absolutely delighted’ to be attending Living North’s Christmas Fair this year, where visitors can learn more about the Air Ambulance and how we can support their vital work. ‘We will have a wonderful stand at the event which will be manned by staff and volunteers from our North Yorkshire team,’ she says. ‘We will be selling lots of our lovely YAA merchandise, which include lots of ideas for gorgeous Christmas gifts. We will also be selling our popular Christmas cards, some of which are illustrated by Harrogate-based artist Anita Bowerman. Our friendly staff will also be on hand to talk all things YAA if anyone wishes to stop by for a chat.’

Meet the Yorkshire Air Ambulance team at Living North’s Christmas Fair at York Racecourse (9th–12th November) or visit to find out more.

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