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The Yorkshire Spa Offering Treatments for Those Living With and Beyond Cancer

turkish baths
Health and beauty
July 2023
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The Turkish Baths Harrogate are partnering with founder of Beauty Despite Cancer, Jennifer Young, to provide specialist spa experiences to those affected by cancer

Here we find out more about what to expect from the partnership.

With the pace of life today, it’s more important than ever to take time out to unwind and devote yourself to the serious business of relaxing. At the Turkish Baths Harrogate you can immerse yourself in Britain’s most fully restored Victorian Turkish Baths and enjoy a unique regime of relaxation and rejuvenation, enhanced by friendly, yet unobtrusive attention. 

Although Turkish Baths were common in Victorian times, only seven remain which date back to the 19th century, and none is as historically complete as the Turkish Baths Harrogate. Their importance lies in their decoration and rarity. The Baths’ Moorish design with Islamic arches and screens, walls of vibrant glazed brickwork, arabesque painted ceilings and terrazzo floors (laid by Italian experts) all add to its historic and elegant features.

The Turkish Baths Harrogate spa is renowned for its tranquil and peaceful surroundings, enhanced by a team of highly qualified and friendly staff who carry out an extensive menu of contemporary spa treatments and therapies. Guests can choose from a range of hand-picked luxury treatments which originate from around the world, from a variety of indulgent and relaxing therapies, to everyday essentials such as manicures and pedicures.

In addition, the Turkish Baths Harrogate are proud to partner with Jennifer Young - Beauty Despite Cancer, offering spa treatments to people living with and beyond cancer. The decision to launch this range of treatment and products was driven by the fact that those living with cancer are frequently unable to pamper themselves with conventional spa and beauty treatments. These products were created by Jennifer in conjunction with extensive research with cancer patients and specialists, and are designed to mitigate and ease the harsh effects that both chemotherapy and radiotherapy have on the body, skin, nails and lips. 

Coming from a scientific background, Jennifer is an experienced microbiologist and associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, who decided to combine her knowledge with a passion for natural skincare and wellbeing to create her own product line. Having decided to retrain, she has continued to add to her knowledge over the years and today she has a variety of qualifications, all of which contribute to the work she does at Beauty Despite Cancer. Among them, she is a nutritionist, aromatherapist, beauty therapist and product formulator.

Jennifer’s entry into the world of cancer support came when she was asked by her local hospital to work with them to create a skincare line that would be safe and help tackle some of the skincare issues associated with cancer treatment. ‘My local hospital asked me to come in and create a skincare line for cancer patients,’ says Jennifer. ‘It’s unheard of now, but they asked me because there’s a lot of skin conditions associated with cancer and nobody was doing anything about it, which made me really cross.’

While it’s not often spoken about, the side effects of cancer treatment can be extremely distressing and undermining to a sense of self, at a time when people are already going through enough. For example, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause painfully dry skin, brittle nails, skin pigmentation and chronic itching – to name a few. They are the things that none of us see unless we happen to go through it ourselves or with a loved one.

Incensed by the scale of the issue and the way it was being ignored, Jennifer began working closely with patients and nurses, all of whom had their own criteria, in order to develop products that really worked to make people feel better and also to tackle the areas of concern that were adding to patients’ distress and discomfort. Since then, she has worked to create a product line that meets the needs of anyone with or recovering from cancer, as well as giving a sense of enjoyment, comfort and relief when using them.

Jennifer has also extended her mission by tackling barriers in the spa and wellbeing industries when it comes to delivering safe and meaningful touch therapies that are industry accredited and insurance approved. Through her training, anyone with or recovering from cancer can enjoy a massage, facial and other therapies in a way that ensures the spa or healthcare practitioner feels confident, the client feels safe and that the treatment proactively addresses their wants and needs.

'When someone said “Jennifer you have changed my life”; that is one of my most memorable moments,’ says Jennifer. ‘This lady had taken up golf again after her breast cancer and radiation treatment and was struggling because her bras were too uncomfortable, and she couldn’t play without her bra on. She tried our itchy skin oil and within days she was back in her pre-treatment bras.

‘It is our mission to help cancer patients to recognise themselves and to help therapists to provide the best possible service to those affected by cancer.’

The collection of treatments available at the Turkish Baths Harrogate are massages, facials and packages that are carefully adapted by their specialist therapist to suit the individual needs of each client. For more information visit

Spa treatments for people living with and beyond cancer

Balanced Body and Mind
Allow 1 hour, £72
A bespoke massage carefully adapted by a specialist therapist to suit individual needs. The experience starts with identifying the chakra to be balanced during this indulgent and soothing full body treatment. Using 100 percent natural and organic oils blended for their affinity with the chakra energy centres, this treatment is ideal for even the most sensitive skins. Let the power of specialist touch, the energy of the crystals and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils bring balance, harmony and well-being. You will be left feeling deeply relaxed. The experience is extended to include the scalp ensuring that your massage brings total release.

Therapeutic Oncology Massage
Allow 1 hour, £72
A therapeutic body massage created with rejuvenation in mind, to restore, lift and improve the flow of energy and nutrients to the body, face and scalp. Identifying your well-being concern, your therapist will select the appropriate well-being therapeutic body oil for your treatment whilst using specialist techniques, gentle acupressure and soothing massage to make this a deeply relaxing experience. Acupressure plasters are applied on specific areas to enhance the benefits of the treatment, alleviate concerns further and to continue your relaxation journey.

Top to Toe
Allow 1 hour 30 minutes, £88
This top-to-toe experience includes a gentle full body massage followed by an essential facial. It will benefit even the most sensitive skin. Your specialist therapist uses 100 percent natural and organic products, extending the experience to include the scalp.

Essential Facial
Allow 1 hour, £65
A luxurious facial created with rejuvenation in mind. Specialist techniques are used to restore lift and improve the flow of energy and nutrients to the face and scalp. Soothing massage, gentle acupressure and therapeutic natural, organic products combine to make this a powerful anti—ageing experience. Your expert therapist extends the treatment to include the scalp, making the experience even more indulgent.

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