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Your Weekend Plans Sorted
What's on
January 2022
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An alternative weekend itinerary to get you off the sofa this weekend

Not sure what to do this weekend? Look no further, this week there are lots of activities to take you away from your work headspace – record fairs to peruse, scenic gardens to explore and open mic comedy to howl at.
Record Player Brinkburn x Unity Record Fair, Newcastle

Need to revamp your music collection? Check out these record fairs and get ready to let the needle drop…

Brinkburn x Unity Record Fair, Newcastle
Byker’s infamously cool brewery and taproom Brinkburn Street are teaming up with Unity to bring us a day of street food, art stalls, live music and vinyl records. Every music lover’s dream, Brinkburn’s day of funky festivities promises great eating spots, DJ sets, and the opportunity to grab some new discs to spin yourself at home. This event will be running on Saturday 29th from 12pm to 12am. 

Brudenell Record Fair, Leeds
This Sunday, from 10am to 4pm, The Brudenell Record Fair are hosting their first fair of the year at Five Rise Record and Brudenell Social Club. The longest-running record fair in Leeds, Brudenell boasts a huge collection of records spanning every genre. The fair has free entry, a community room to let you spin your purchased records for others, a music biography room hosted by Route, and refreshments served by Pieminster Pies. What’s not to love? 

Staward Peel Circular, Hexham Staward Peel Circular, Hexham

Clear your head with a stroll around these beautiful green retreats…

Valley Gardens, Harrogate 
The Valley Gardens in Harrogate are Grade-II listed gardens with scenic walking paths and the highest density of mineral springs in any one place. Constantly regenerated through regular maintenance, the park is open all day, all year, with cafés, outdoor games spaces and some lovely routes to take your four-legged friends along with you.

Staward Peel Circular, Hexham
Noted as an outstanding area of natural beauty, the Staward Peel Circular is a 7.9 kilometre loop trail near Hexham. Perfect for all, with little trail walking experience required, saunter through this idyllic nature circuit bisected by streams and rocky paths, with hilltop views and luscious expanses of woodland.

Durty Bull Brewing Company – Stand-Up Comedy, Durham Durty Bull Brewing Company – Stand-Up Comedy, Durham

Intimate and arty, give local talent a try with these free open mic events…

Durty Bull Brewing Company – Stand-Up Comedy, Durham
This Friday, brewery Durty Bull are hosting a free stand-up comedy event for those in need of a good laugh, utilising their massive outdoor barrel room (weather permitting, of course) for a celebration of local comedy between 8pm and 10pm. Durty Bull promises comedy lovers free entry, handmade beer, homegrown talent, and split sides – why not give it a go?

Off The Road – Live Lounge, Hull
Off The Road is a cosy little live arts venue in the centre of Hull serving up a range of great beer, pub grub and local talent. Covering a range of arty events, Off The Road hosts a live lounge every Sunday from 8pm to 11pm – with live music, open mic poetry, comedy, and featured guest performers dependent on the week. Whatever’s in store, Off The Road promises a weekly celebration of Yorkshire-based talent for you to soak up with a pint after a long week.

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