1512 Design - Taurus Leather

At Taurus Leather their collections have been designed with practicality in mind, with a modern on-trend twist. With a number of pockets and compartments, Taurus Leather handbags have been designed perfectly for every woman for everyday use.

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Advanced Whitening

Advanced Whitening, Europe's premier home teeth whitening kit. Relax in the comfort of your own home and enjoy professional teeth whitening experience.

Alison Hill Studios

Contemporary figurative ceramics, all one off pieces, alongside 2D original artwork in various media.

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Alison Tucher Miliner

Beautiful hats, for every day and every occasion. Handmade, refashioned timeless chic.

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Andrew's Ceramics

Working from his studio at home in the garden, Andrew creates ceramic sculptures of wildlife. Each piece is unique and has its own personality – and they’re all looking for new homes!

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Araxo's Foods

Olives, baklava, Turkish delight and cashew nuts.

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Aroment produce highly fragranced, long lasting home aromas. They specialise in reed diffusers, scoopable wax melts, home sprays, botanical bath salts and oils for use with ultrasonic diffusers.

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Azcension Designs

Azcension Designs offer a bespoke and unique collection of solid silver, gold and gemset jewellery. Limited editions make for a fresh collection and keep it special.

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Beautifully Shuttered

As Pocklington’s first and original shutter company, Beautifully Shuttered have brought stylish, elegant and practical shutters to homes all across Yorkshire and beyond for more than 10 years.

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Dog drying products.

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Birch Tree Designs

Birch Tree Designs create beautiful designs from their own photography and artwork. Decorative items are laser cut from birch wood, engraved, hand finished and painted on both sides, all within their home studio in Yorkshire.

Bloomin Healthy

Natural products for a longer, healthier life.

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Butterflies Chocolates

Handmade in Pocklington using sustainably-sourced chocolate and all natural ingredients. From classics to more unusual flavours, and lots for Easter, you’ll find luxurious treats for everyone.

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Butternut Box

Freshly prepared dog food – cooked like you would at home and delivered in perfect portions.

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By Antonia Illustration

A freelance artist offering unique commissions, original art, prints and stationery, including greetings cards and wrapping paper. Her work is created using watercolour, pencil and other media, including gold leaf. All of my products are made in the

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Cera Cotton

Cera is the Latin word for wax, which is what Cera Cotton is all about. Wax cotton is a tried and tested 500-year-old fabric, which has been transformed into a range of beautiful, plastic-free, wax cotton products to fill your home.

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