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Staying in
June 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

If you are looking for a parenting pep talk or to laugh along with things you know all too well, look no further...

From sleep deprivation and unexpectedly hilarious moments to tips and tricks, these 3 podcasts are well worth a listen.


Adrian Barry, Nathan Murphy, Dave McIntyre and Ger Gilroy ramble about sleep deprivation, unruly toddlers and unexpectedly hilarious moments – the unpolished reality of being a dad. Whether you know this all too well, or you’re new to parenthood, their chats are sure to bring you joy.


Join radio presenter Dave Berry as he talks all things fatherhood with a different guest each episode, sharing their experiences, and often their relationships with their own fathers. Previous guests include dads Griff Rhys Jones, Chris Ramsey and Chris Kamara.


Joe Rawlinson (author of the book Dad’s Guide to Twins) shares his advice on how to prepare for the arrival of, and successfully raise your twins. There are more than 250 episodes to listen to, so expectant fathers certainly won’t be short of tips and tricks.

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