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Collage of beauty products
Health and beauty
July 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes
Holiday season may be here but that doesn’t mean that stress simply disappears. Chill out with our fave new stress-beating beauty products
jar of open body scrub sitting on a stone dish

Magnesium Spirulina Bath Salt & Scrub

This special salt contains a combination of three powerful healing salts: magnesium flakes, dead sea salt and Himalayan pink salt, and with a blend of detoxifying superfood spirulina extract, you can use as a detoxifying bath salt or mix with any oil to create a revitalising body scrub – perfect for summer skin prep.

£24 Malako

bottled beauty product lying in fruit leaves nuts and flowers

Liquid Yoga Body Relaxing Bath Soak

This Liquid Yoga mineral bath soak gives you tranquility on tap.  A blend of essential oils, herbs and minerals combined with notes of Peppermint, Lavender and Eucalyptus will leave you feeling refreshed and de-stressed.

£26 Mio

box containing beauty products

De-Stress Relaxation Set

The 100 percent natural aromatherapy brand Scentered has launched special relaxation sets to instantly help you transition into calm mode. The De-Stress set comes with a De-Stress Balm, a travel-sized Sleep Balm and a microwaveable scented lavender bag. A great gift, or keep for yourself and take on your travels.


bottle of de-stress body oil on mint coloured background

Total De-Stress Body Oil

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, omega 6 and 9, this comforting blend combines natural essential oils to help reduce anxiety and bring about a sense of calm. Use post-shower and massage into skin with gentle, sweeping strokes.

£11 Tisserand

tub of sensory balm on a mint coloured background

Deep Peace Sensory Balm

This dual-purpose, pot of wonder, is an easy on-the-go scent, with a mix of Geranium essential oil and Turmeric will ease stress, alleviate tension, and restore peace of mind.

£14 Plantopia

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