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July 2021
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Moving home? Need help with finances, finding new schools, or even the nearest takeaway?

We’ve rounded up the best websites and apps to help you organise your life from your pocket.

This app allows you to photograph and record details such as serial numbers or barcodes for all of your belongings. If the worst should happen and you need to make an insurance claim, you'll be thanking your past self for creating a home inventory as it's times like this that they prove to be invaluable. Whilst all of your worldly possessions are being piled into boxes, moving house is the perfect opportunity to step up your organisation game. 
Available on Google Play and the App Store

Moving home is commonly listed as the third most stressful event in a person’s life, but Moving Planner can help make it easier. Its easy-to-use interface comes pre-populated with 210 items, allowing you to add contents to boxes as you prepare for the move, and easily check and uncheck items as you go. Once you get to your new place, you’ll know exactly what’s packed in which box – no more rooting around to find the bottle opener on the first night.
Available on Google Play 

Once you’re all moved in to your new home, there’s the small challenge of getting to grips with your new area – especially if you’ve moved to a whole new part of the country. AroundMe is a helpful app that allows you to search for your nearest restaurant, bank, petrol station, shops and even services like doctors and dentists. You’ll soon know your new area like the back of your hand but until then, let AroundMe guide you to that all-important takeaway for your first night in your new home.
Available on Google Play and App Store

Choosing what colour to paint your new walls is a momentous decision, but this app is here to save the day. Dulux Visualiser lets you pick a colour from anywhere (from a pair of shoes to the flowers in your garden) and then, using augmented reality technology, allows you to see those colours come alive in your living space. If you’re still struggling to decide, you can send a photo or video to friends and family, and then once the decision’s been made you can have testers delivered straight to your door.
Available on Google Play and App Store

Want to keep a closer eye on where your money goes? Wally is the app for you. Managing your money can be tricky business as there’s a lot to keep track of, but Wally keeps things simple and transparent. You can see what comes in, what goes out, what you have saved and what you have budgeted, all by simply scanning in your receipts – no more laboriously logging everything you spend at the end of every week.
Available on App Store and Google Play as Wally+

If trying to pack all your worldly belongings has made you realise you might have too many, moving is one of the best times to declutter. Apps like eBay, Depop, and Vinted all provide a user-friendly platform for you to sell the clothes, accessories, or furnishings you don't want to take with you. This way, by simply snapping some photos and selling them online, you can turn your old clothes into some extra money to furnish your new home with. 
All available from the App Store and Google Play

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