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Blinds, Curtains and Shutters Sanderson
June 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Frame your views with the best blinds, curtains and shutters

From richly-coloured velvet drapes to bespoke blinds and shutters, window coverings have never been cooler.

Peacock pencil pleat curtains, from £45 Dunelm, branches regionwide

Sanderson's new Arboretum range includes several fabulous fabrics perfect for curtains, including this stylised flower design. Enys Garden fabric, £85 per metre Sanderson, stockists regionwide

Shutters provide a practical and permanent window-covering solution. Just Shutters can design, measure and install shutters which will work perfectly for your space, and look amazing too.  

Richly coloured velvet curtains add a touch of luxe to any room. Louise curtains, from £68

An awkwardly-shaped window is no barrier to having perfectly-fitted plantation shutters. From circles to triangles, Cathedral can fit bespoke fixed or moving shutters – we love this sunburst arch. Cathedral Shutters & Blinds, Spennymoor

Clever Association's automated curtains and blinds can be operated with the touch of a button, or programmed to open and close in response to light levels and the position of the sun. Clever Association, Harrogate 

As well as countless styles of traditional blind (from Roman to roller, and vertical to Venetian) A1 Blinds offer super-modern motorised blinds. As well as being remote controlled (so great for hard-to-reach spaces) theyíre also compatible with home automation systems. A1 Blinds, Forest Hall and Blaydon

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