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Pretty Plates and Colourful Tumblers Mrs. Alice
June 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Add a splash of colour to your dining table

Pretty painted plates are always a popular choice, and this season there are some great options. Add an extra splash of colour with an on-trend tumbler.

Feast serving plate, £75 Ottolenghi at Fenwick, Newcastle and York 

Artichoke plate, £22 Emma Bridgewater, stockists regionwide

Emden dinner plate, £95 (set of four)

Sherwood dinner plates, £67 Oka, Harrogate

Dessert plates, £390 (set of six)

Amnis tumbler, £13

Pink wave glass set, £34

Colourful marbled bamboo tumbler,  £9 Rockett St George at Redbrick, Batley

Bamboo tumbler, £87 (set of six) Anna Von Lipa at Fenwick, York and Newcastle

Ines side plate, £38

Scallop edged plate, £76 (set of four)

Tulip dinner plate, £35 ibbi at Vallum, Northumberland 

Marbled pattern tumbler, £8.99 Gisela Graham, stockists regionwide

Pink ceramic tumbler, £10

Swirl tumbler, £36.95 (set of four) Interiors at Nine to Eleven, Malton

Dusk tumbler, £45 (set of two) LSA, stockists regionwide

Gallery 80s-style dessert plate, £14.95 Covet, Ilkley

Geometric bamboo dinner plate, £44

Floral porcelain dessert plate, £45.50 (set of four)

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