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SubZero-Wolf  kitchen Tech SubZero-Wolf
May 2023
Reading time 4 Minutes

The intelligent appliances and clever gadgets you need in your kitchen

Make life easier in the kitchen with clever tech, from a three-in-one tap to the must-have air fryer.

Get cold, hot and boiling water all from one tap. Design 3-in1 matt black boiling hot water tap, £399

It’s too soon to say whether air-fryers are destined to be the next slow-cookers, mouldering away at the back of kitchen cupboards across the land, but at the moment they are simply everywhere. If you’re tempted to give one a try, you might as well go the whole hog with this dual-zone Ninja, which allows you to mix and match the two cooking zones to create delicious meals, fast. Dual zone air fryer, £199 Ninja on Amazon, stockists regionwide

A hob with a built-in extractor means you don’t have to fit a conventional oven hood into your kitchen design – which is particularly freeing if you want to put your hob on an island. AEG, stockists regionwide

If you haven’t got one of these yet, where have you been? The automatic wine opener comes with a foil cutter (which packs neatly away into the charging base), and a vacuum sealer to preserve the freshness and flavour of wines once opened. Electric wine opener, £49.99, Currys, Cuisinart, stockists regionwide

The ‘classic’ series from SubZero reimagines the brand’s most iconic pieces. This French-door fridge freezer has a new intelligent cooling system, touch control panel, stainless accents and LED lighting. SubZero at Walter Dix & Co, Gateshead

This drip-filter coffee machine from Smeg has all the technical features you could wish for (think an aroma intensity selector and automatic start function) as well as the pleasingly retro aesthetic we’ve come to expect from the brand. £199 Smeg at Fenwick, Newcastle

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