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Staying in
March 2022
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Six perfect books to give a mum who reads

From gardening wisdom to fascinating memoirs, a good book is always a perfect choice for a gift that never goes out of style
Book cover, HILL HOUSE LIVING by Paula Sutton


Paula Sutton

A comforting guide to creating a happier home, packed with practical ideas, tips and tricks
for every area of your house, no matter its size. It’s beautifully illustrated too, with gorgeous drawings and photographs.

Book cover, GARDENING AT LONGMEADOW by Monty Don


Monty Don

There are few more calming presences on our TV screens than Monty Don, traipsing around his spectacular garden, usually with a couple of dogs trailing at his heels. This is a year-long diary packed with Monty’s gardening wisdom, alongside gorgeous photography.

Book cover, BURNING QUESTIONS by Margaret Atwood


Margaret Atwood

The iconic author dissects the 21st century so far in a series of insightful, funny and curious essays, tackling a huge variety of topics. Why do we tell stories? How much of yourself can you give away without evaporating? And just when should you dispense advice to the young?

Book cover, HOW TO MAKE A DRESS by Jenny Packham


Jenny Packham

As one of Britain’s leading designers, known for her exquisite designs for brides, celebrities and royalty, Jenny Packham is always in demand. She shares her creative journey in a meditation on life and style.

Book cover, KNEE DEEP IN LIFE by Laura Belbin


Laura Belbin

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, auntie – Laura Belbin’s unfiltered take on the ‘picture-perfect’ has gained her 1.7 million social media followers. She’s here to tell anyone who has struggled, or who doubts themselves: you are more than enough.

Book cover, BURN AFTER WRITING by Sharon Jones


Sharon Jones

With the rise and rise of social media, the world has become one giant confessional. Fight against this trend with this private journal, which encourages you to reflect on your past, present and future, and create a secret book just for you. And when you’re finished? Toss it, hide it, or Burn After Writing…

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