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Health and beauty
April 2023
Reading time 4 Minutes

Now's the time to switch up your skincare with the best new facials and sophisticated formulas to get you glowing this spring

From the all-new Dermalux to bespoke Hydro Facials you can face up to spring with our pick of the top facials to try, and some fabulous new formulas to keep your complexion fresh and glowing.

This oil-free tinted SPF20 delivers a naturally beautiful and sheer finish for an all-day gorgeous soft focus glow. Sheer Tinted Super Healthy Skin, £35 (Member’s Price £9)

This award-winning tinted serum is perfect for that light, dewy finish. Combining active skincare ingredients with an SPF20, and available in 30 shades, it will be your go-to this spring. Super Serum Skin Tint, £46 Ilia

Three of the best new facials to get you glowing

Dermalux Facial

This award-winning LED phototherapy treatment is clinically proven to trigger the skin’s own natural rejuvenation and repair process. The perfect start to spring, after just one treatment skin is instantly revitalised, noticeably clearer and visibly more luminous. It also works wonders on rosacea, psoriasis, acne and scars.
Dermalux, £55 Hooker & Young Skin, Ponteland 

Beautiful Betty

Natural Spa Factory Illuminate Facial 

Using a combination of vitamin E, botanicals and rice water to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and vanilla and flower extract to brighten skin and even out blemishes and sun spots, this facial will leave your skin brighter and clearer after just one treatment.
Illuminate Facial, £55 Beautiful Betty, Hexham


Bespoke Hydro Facial

Designed to treat dull, dry and sun-damaged skin, this bespoke Hydra facial is designed to detoxify and deep cleanse skin whilst a combination of hyaluronic acid, oxidants and peptides will leave skin glowing with health. Bespoke Hydro Facial, £140 Pure Bliss, Sunderland

We love this sheer skin tint with anti-ageing properties. It provides feather-light hydration and essential nutrients to improve skin health and smooth out the appearance of fine lines, together with that sought-after healthy glow. Nutri Bronze Adaptive Sheer Tint, £65 Oskia

Protect your skin from environmental damage and get a sun-kissed glow at the same time with these cult drops. Enriched with blackcurrant seed and marula oils, and vitamins F and D to provide antioxidant protection, together with just a hint of bronzing colour – add to your favourite moisturiser and apply evenly. D-Bronze Antipollution Drops, £31 Drunk Elephant

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