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woman applying sun cream alongside product shots of sun cream Dreamstime
Health and beauty
July 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

We've rounded up the best sun creams to get this summer for all occasions

Getting the right sun cream is very important for our skin's health. Skin damage from the sun is irreversible and can have life-changing affects. That's why it's critical we get it right. Our list includes sun creams for those with sensitve skin, families, sports people and more.

Best for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin and the sun often don’t get on too well, but you still need good, if not even better, protection. Perfect for anyone with sun sensitivity, or allergies, this cooling cream-gel formula is great for everyday use. 

Sun Allergy Protection Sun Creme-Gel SPF50, £19 Eucerin

Best Clear Sunscreen for Everyday

With an SPF of 50, this completely sheer protective water sunscreen gives great coverage without leaving any trace and no sticky residue. 

Sun Protective Water SPF50, £31 Lancaster

Best Under Makeup

This forward-thinking formula creates a powerful, impenetrable veil of protection packed with skincare benefits which block harmful rays whilst leaving skin plump and dewy. It’s also great as a primer for makeup.  

Expert Sun Protector Face & Body Lotion, £34 Shiseido

Best for Sport

Whether you are planning to get wet, or sweat, this lotion is packed with skin-friendly ingredients to help care for skin as well as effectively protect it from harmful rays. It’s also vegan, cruelty- and paraben-free and responsibly sourced. 

Body Active Sun Lotion SPF 30, £35 Saltee

Best for Value

With the maximum five star UVA rating, this lotion promises eight hours of protection (and 40 minutes water exposure) in one application. Water resistant and dermatologically tested it’s great for anyone who is less than diligent in their sunscreen application. 

Once Advanced 8hr Protect Lotion SPF30, £10 Soltan

Best New Formula

This easily-absorbed mousse formula hydrates and brightens skin as it protects. Lightweight, it won’t clog pores, and the cloud-like texture means it won’t interfere with makeup and you’ll be happy to use it every day. 

Daily Defence Face Mousse SPF50, £27 EVY

Best Family All-Rounder

A patented filter formula shields skin and the enriching complex of vitamin E and cactus help soothe skin whilst the quick-fire, non- sticky fine spray means you can cover the kids quickly and easily, time and again. 

Protection Spray 24h Hydration SPF30, £10 Garnier Ambre Solaire

Best for Protection and Tanning

With a tan activator built in, and an SPF of 30, this is a great option for those that tan easily. 

Tan Activator SPF30, £28 Ultrasun

Best Sun Screen with Benefits

An ultra-light texture infuses skin with precious water (thanks to high levels of hyaluronic acid) while deflecting DNA- damaging rays, while the inclusion of mistletoe extract helps stimulate cellular turnover to minimise the damage caused through everyday exposure to the sun and oxidative stress. 

Sun Project SPF50, £18 Thank You Farmer

Best Fragrance-Free Sun Screen

Whilst some of us love the smell of sun cream as it brings back so many memories of sun-filled holidays, others do not. This fragrance-free lotion is waterproof up to four hours, is non-polluting, reef-friendly and promises to keep skin hydrated for up to 72 hours. 

Sunscreen Fragrance Free Lotion SPF50, £7.99 Bondi Sands

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