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Angel of the North
Places to go
April 2023
Reading time 4 Minutes

To celebrate our milestone 250th print issue, we've taken the opportunity to reflect on some of the remarkable individuals we have featured over the past 24 years, and some of the extraordinary vistas of the North East

Stunning photography has always been key to the persona of the pages of Living North. Thankfully the North East is brimful with extraordinary vistas, whether it's the quite remarkable coastline, its rich heritage that has given us buildings that are both treasures in themselves and remarkable in their character, or whether it's the flora and fauna that we are so happy to share our home with. All these iconic places, when coupled with the true character of the North East spirit, leaves us with a canvas on which to celebrate just how fortunate we are and gives us so much to relish.
Hadrians Wall

‘It’s amusing when BBC trainee journalists come to the area for three weeks as part of their training before heading back to their own regions. They all go back saying “we didn’t realise Newcastle was like this”. Well that’s what I’ve been shouting about for years.’

Carol Malia, Issue 29 Christmas 2003

Sunset over the sea and castle

‘Since I’ve been away and every time I’ve been back the area has changed a hell of a lot – you appreciate it more when you hear what people say when they come to the area. The coast is a wonderful place to spend time. But it’s the Geordie people that I find the best, they have a great sense of humour.’

Alan Shearer, Issue 47 February 2006

Heather over hills in North East

‘It’s wonderful – a perfect little city… If you have never been to Durham, go there at once. Take my car. It’s wonderful.’

Bill Bryson, Issue 53 September 2006

Cragside House

‘I never knew such a yearning that my wife Elsie had to return to the North East, and she said to me the other day – I’m so happy we’ve come back home. Few people go round the world and come back to where they started. I never thought I could, you know, never – I always wanted to come back as Newcastle United manager, but I never thought it would come my way. I’m blessed.’

Sir Bobby Robson, Issue 87 September 2009

River at dusk

‘I’m fiercely proud of the North East, and when I started the Great North Run, people were brilliant. The people of the North East are still the loveliest on the planet.’

Sting, Issue 89 November 2009

Dolphins in the North Sea

‘I think it’s a glorious place. I breathe in the air deeply when I get back to the North East and really know I’ve come home.’

Alexander Armstrong, Issue 100 October 2010

Castle keep and St Nicholas Cathedral

‘I 100 percent believe that the garden has been a success for Alnwick, and for Northumberland. We now attract 350,000 people to the town each year, and while some complain about the increased traffic, most are delighted that we’ve put the town on the map. In the early days, every southern-based journalist I met couldn’t pronounce Alnwick (pronouncing the ‘l’ and often the ‘w’ too, for good measure). Today people know who we are.’  

The Duchess of Northumberland, Issue 200 February 2019

Bridge over river

‘I was fishing near Howick when a school of dolphins appeared. The dogs jumped in to swim with them – and so did I! How lucky are we to be able to do that on our own home turf.’

Julian Blades, Issue 200 February 2019

Viaduct over river

‘I was guilty of being proud to be Geordie in a narrow, “keep away, this is my toy” kind of way, now I realise how important it is to invite others in. I want to take people by the hand and say: “look at this, isn’t it wonderful?”’

Robson Green, Issue 246 January 2023

grassy dunes with sea and lighthouse

‘The best thing that’s happened to the North East in the last 20 years is the lessening of the gap between ‘North’ and ‘South’. Our region seems to be enjoying a bit of a renaissance, with so many people discovering or re-discovering things many of us already know—namely, the abundance of beauty, history and innovation in our part of the world.’

LJ Ross 2023 , Issue 250 May 2023

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