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TV Guide: Lewis Capaldi's New Documentary, Ant and Dec's Big Finale and New Dramas You Need to See

tv guide
Staying in
April 2023
Reading time 5 Minutes

This is everything you'll want to watch this week

Between new series to stream and Long Lost Family reunions, you'll be glued to your screen.

–Monday 3rd April–

Strangers on a Plane, 5.30pm, Channel 4

In yet another bizarre new game show (who’s coming up with these things?), five strangers compete by hosting the best 24 hours of fun on holiday, to win a holiday of their own and a cash prize. In the first episode, contestants jet off to Benidorm, where show singer Wyen blows money on a luxury yacht, books herself a suite and performs her own song.

–Tuesday 4th April–

Long Lost Family: What Happened Next, 9pm, ITV

Long Lost Family returns for a new series to revisit seven of the programme's most emotional stories to discover how lives have been transformed since missing relatives were found. In this first episode, we rejoin Joselyn Taylor, who had been searching for her brother James for more than 20 years, and Roy Sibblies, who was looking for his birth mother.

–Wednesday 5th April–

Lewis Capaldi: How I'm Feeling Now, Netflix 

This tell-all documentary comes to Netflix on Wednesday and follows singer Lewis Capaldi's journey from ambitious teen to Grammy-nominated pop star. It’s an intimate and revealing insight into his life and rise to fame.

–Thursday 6th April–

Beef, Netflix 

A road rage incident between two strangers brings out their darkest impulses in this comedy drama coming to Netflix on Thursday. The Guardian are calling it ‘one of the most riveting shows of the year’ – so we’ve got high hopes.

–Friday 7th April–

Tiny Beautiful Things, Disney+

Kathryn Hahn’s new TV series is based on the bestselling collection of stories by Cheryl Strayed. It follows a writer who becomes an advice columnist, while her own life is falling apart. Find it on Disney+ from Friday.

–Saturday 8th April–

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, 7pm, ITV

It’s the last live show of the series and Ant and Dec are heading to Orlando, Florida with more than 200 competition winners. Plus, we’ll finally find out whodunnit in the gripping final episode of Murder at Bigwig Manor.

–Sunday 9th April–

Six Four, ITVX

In this drama exclusive to ITVX, DC Chris O’Neill is approached by a journalist about a cold case involving a missing girl. Meanwhile, his own daughter is missing, and his wife Michelle heads to London to search for her.

–Catch Up On–

Yellowjackets, Paramount+

The second instalment of this series arrived in March, with new episodes airing weekly until 14th May. It follows a team of high-school soccer players who survive a plane crash in the wilderness – very Lord of the Flies.

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