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Purlfrost - Modern Conservatory
July 2021
Reading time 5 minutes

Living North’s top tips for a cracking conservatory

If you don’t have a conservatory, get one. These additional rooms are great for adding value to your property without altering any other part of your home. And what’s more, it need not be something you only set foot in every summer. Check out our top tips for ensuring this is a room for all seasons, not just those with sunshine.

Start at the top. If your conservatory has the usual glass roof, you might consider having it replaced with a solid roof. This will help keep heat in and also take care of the problem of unsightly build-ups of leaves being visible through the glass. If you’d rather not have the entire roof replaced, have it insulated – there are plenty of companies out there offering this service to help keep your conservatory at a reasonable temperature.

Double glaze to be precise. Staying with the theme of heat, getting your conservatory windows double glazed will help keep heat inside where it belongs, meaning you’ll feel comfortable spending more time in there during the chillier months.

Another common cause of heat escaping from conservatories is draughts. Check your conservatory’s doors and windows for cracks and gaps and have these taken care of to keep your precious heat locked in.

Furnishings such as rugs, carpets and curtains can make your conservatory look more like part of your home and are great for adding an extra layer of insulation to the room – no more stepping on chilly tiles.

To get the most out of your conservatory, you should try to decide on its primary purpose. Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

Turn your conservatory into a playroom to avoid your main living room becoming a toy-based obstacle course.

If you’d just like a little more space for a bit of peace and quiet, get a couple of nice sofas in there, possibly a TV, and you’ve got yourself an extra sitting room.

What could be more refined than enjoying a meal in your conservatory while admiring views of your garden?

The chances are this room is one of the best in your home as far as exposure to sunlight goes, so your flowers should flourish in such an environment.

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