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Peter Tyson Turntable
May 2022
Reading time 10 minutes

Martin Tyson is an expert on all things audio/visual

As part of a new series, Living North In Conversation With, Martin explains why high-end Hi-Fi is worth the investment.

Since opening their doors in 1966, Peter Tyson have strived to implement core family values, in order to guarantee that their customers receive the best shopping experience possible.

At their showroom in Kingston Park, Newcastle, you’ll find innovative open-plan design and gorgeous furnishings. They’ve created a space where customers can shop in style and comfort, and the modern environment perfectly showcases their outstanding array of products (they have a bigger selection of world-class brands than any other Hi-Fi retailer in Britain).

And there’s certainly no shortage of products on offer. They stock all the top brands, so you can be sure of quality whether you’re after multi-room music systems, portable speakers, or the latest cutting edge OLED TVs.

Aside from all of this, what really sets Peter Tyson apart is the passion and knowledge they have to share with their customers. We sat down with Martin to find out more.

Watch the video below, find out more at, or visit their showroom in Kingston Park.

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