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The Perfect Christmas Gift That Lasts All Year
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Cook Up Some S’mores
November 2021
Reading time 1 minute
They’re an American invention, one of those American foods which are highly fattening, but which we all love.
  • Biscuits or crackers
  • Squares of chocolate
  • Marshmallows
  1. Put half the biscuits or crackers on a plate and top each one with a square of chocolate.
  2. Thread two marshmallows onto a tasting fork or stick and cook over the fire or barbecue, turning continuously.
  3. Let the marshmallows cool enough so you don’t burn your fingers, then remove from the fork or stick and put on top of the chocolate on the biscuits or crackers.
  4. Use a second biscuit or cracker to sandwich the chocolate and marshmallow together.
  5. Eat it! (And prepare for a delicious gooey mess!)

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