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Discover the Finest Tipples from Exhibitors Heading to Living North's Christmas Fair at Newcastle Racecourse

Muckle Brewing Muckle Brewing
Eat and Drink
October 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Looking to stock up your drinks cabinet or home bar or for the perfect Christmas gift?

Here are just a few favourites you can expect to find at Newcastle Racecourse from 26th-29th October.

Muckle Brewing
This small family-run Northumberland brewery, situated close to Hadrian’s Wall, was established in 2016. Specialising in small batch, unfiltered and naturally carbonated beers, you’ll be able to shop everything from their Berry Winter Ale to Muckle Moss Stout – and look out for their special gift packs.

793 Spirits Co.
Proud to be the first and only distillery on Holy Island, 793 Spirits Co. pay homage to the rich Viking history of the island. Originally the team created a triple-distilled vodka called Mjødka with wildflower honey and their main ingredient of mead, but shortly after branched into a line of dry gin, creating their signature spirit, Creed & Tide, with 13 botanicals.

Dragon Slayer Distillery
This clean, pure and high-quality small batch gin is created in a 200-litre copper alembic still with carefully-sourced botanicals including locally-sourced lavender. The distillery, based in Darlington, is run by father and daughter duo Paul and Yasmin Gibson who want to tell the story of their local dragon slaying folklore, so be sure to ask them when you visit their stand (whilst also picking up a bottle of their award-winning signature rhubarb gin).

Gattertop Drinks Co. | Sloemotion Distillery | 793 Spirits Co. Gattertop Drinks Co. | Sloemotion Distillery | 793 Spirits Co.

Alnwick Brewery
From an initial range of five traditional beers, Alnwick Brewery have expanded their selection of lager and beers to include the likes of their popular St Cuthbert light session pale ale and their Whiteblade hoppy beer. Visit their stand to discover the full range.

Northern Shakers
Teesside’s original cocktail company Northern Shakers create premium pre-bottled cocktails, which means you can have a delicious drink this Christmas minus the hassle. They have all the classics including pornstar martini, mojito, cosmopolitan and strawberry daiquiri cocktails, and each bottle serves eight cocktails so there is plenty to go around.

O’Donnell Moonshine
Using only the best natural ingredients and following traditional methods, O’Donnell Moonshine offer something a little different when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Their best-sellers include Tough Nut moonshine which has notes of hazelnut, fine caramel and a hint of nougat, as well as Very Cherry which has subtle vanilla flavours. Head to their stand to shop the full range.

O’Donnell Moonshine O’Donnell Moonshine

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Gattertop Drinks Co.
Paving the way for a new age of vodka, bringing flavour back to the spirit in a natural and authentic way, Gattertop Drinks Co. use handpicked fruits and botanicals from their orchards, gardens and hedgerows to create seasonally-driven, multi award-winning craft vodka. Be sure to pick up the Damson No12 vodka liqueur for a lovely wintery, plum-flavoured drink.

Sloemotion Distillery
Founded back in 2002, this artisan business creates great tasting, small batch gin and gin liqueurs. Try their blackberry and apple dry gin for the perfect winter serve, or look out for their new range of strawberry spirit with vodka which is made with Yorkshire strawberries. It’s lower in ABV, but don’t worry, it’s still big on taste!

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