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Man pouring coffee Pexels
Eat and Drink
October 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

We've got all the equipment you need for barista quality coffee at home

Here's our top picks.
Moka express coffee maker

Moka express coffee maker, £24 Bialetti at John Lewis & Partners, Newcastle

Hand coffee grinder

Hand coffee grinder, £31.50 Hario Skerton at Rounton Coffee, Northallerton

Moka pot

Moka pot, £20 Steelexpress at Maude Coffee, Leeds

Caramel syrup

Caramel syrup, £3.60 Monin, stockists regionwide

Coffee cup

Coffee cup series 2, £30 Chilly’s, stockists Yorkshirewide

Coffee mug

Coffee mug, £12 Paula Stoneware at Lillian Daph, Saltburn

Miners’ Gala coffee

Miners’ Gala coffee, £4.20 Durham Coffee, Durham

Sage barista home coffee machine

Sage barista home coffee machine, £1,049 Tynemouth Coffee Co, Tynemouth

Holy Grail blend coffee

Holy Grail blend coffee, £8.30 Pilgrims Coffee, Holy Island

Italian coffee blend

Italian coffee blend, £5 York Emporium Coffee, York

The Bolts coffee

The Bolts coffee, £8 The Baytown Coffee Company, Whitby

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