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home interior
September 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Everything you need in your home this month

This month our interiors wishlist includes statement wallpaper from Mind the Gap, a charity candle from Jo Malone (so you can feel good about your shopping) and the ultimate do-everything pan from Fenwick.

The Dalt pendant light will add an Art Deco touch to your living space. £189 Aromas at

Part of Jo Malone’s partnership with UNICEF, which aims to support children’s mental health, this hemlock and bergamot candle is said to emulate the scent of a wild, winding path. Charity candle, £55 Jo Malone, stockists regionwide

Giant box of matches, £36 RE, Corbridge 

Mind the Gap’s new Orient Express wallpaper collection is inspired by the glamour of 1920s rail travel. We love this  
Station View wallpaper.

This rattan urn is truly unique – simply fill with fresh greenery for a real statement. Liliana scalloped rattan urn,   £148

Harlequin’s Colour 4 collection is inspired by the elements, and the abundant beauty of nature. This playful velvet features a trellis pattern made up of frogs on a rich background. Wood Frog velvet, £129 per metre Harlequin, stockists regionwide 

This versatile pan is deep enough to roast a chicken, and shallow enough to fry an egg. The soft sage green finish is the stuff of kitchen dreams. Always Pan 2.0, £130 Our Place at Fenwick, Newcastle and York

Sobremesa striped vase, £67 Heal’s at Sainsbury’s, Heaton and at Redbrick, Batley

Ariane parrot giant matches, £7.99 Colours May Vary, Leeds

Tallulah table lamp, £89 Marks & Spencer, branches regionwide 

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