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Living North’s Christmas Fairs

Tickets for our North East and Yorkshire Christmas Fairs are on sale now.
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Living North’s Christmas Fairs
Cream Cornwall fish plates
August 2021
Reading time 5 minutes

Take inspiration from the deep

Fabulously fishy plates and platters for serving up a seafood feast.

Crab plate (set of two), The English Tableware Co, stockists regionwide

Handmade mackerel plate, £39 The Kitchen Front at

Coves of Cornwall (set of four dinner plates), £58

Under the Sea plates (set of four), £50

Sardine charger platter, £50 Jersey Pottery, stockists regionwide

Octopus platter, £50 Bliss Home at

Oval fish platter, £59 Richard Bramble at

Hand painted fish plate, £18.99

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