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Father's Day Gifts He'll Really Want
June 2022
Reading time 3 minutes

From golfers to readers, here are our top picks

The best regional gifts your dad could ask for this Father’s Day.
father's day gifts

1. The Bottle Opener
This handmade bottle opener is made from the reclaimed wood from a bar top in Gateshead’s ex-serviceman club, The Bombers. It even has a built-in magnet to stick to both your fridge and the bottle caps themselves for quick manoeuvrability.
Bottle opener, £8

2. The Key Ring
This particular accessory is made in County Durham from ultra-fine Cuir de Russie leather. It’s incredibly tactile and soft to the touch – a perfectly understated embellishment for your dad’s keys.
Key fob, £48

3. The Speakers
Want to refresh your dad’s record player set-up? Maybe that office desk needs some proper audio playback? Or maybe he just has an empty space on the shelf perfect for some hi-fis? These ultra-compact studio monitors pack a bassy punch and can be optimised for your specific tastes – perfect for daily listening.
Bookshelf monitors, £349 Dali Oberon at Peter Tyson, Kingston Park

Father's Day gifts

4 The Time Piece
Perfect for a bedroom, office, or even a man cave, this beautiful handmade clock makes a great bit of wall furniture with a personal touch.
Clock, £120 Crescent Fifty One, Newcastle

5 The Book
My Sand Life, My Pebble Life: A memoir of a childhood and sea is the latest book by poet and lexicographer, Ian McMillan. Sure to ring a bell or two for your old man, Ian retells his stories of travelling the coast from childhood to adulthood across the UK’s glorious beaches.
My Sand Life, My Pebble Life by Ian McMillan, £10.99 Bloomsbury, stockists regionwide

6 The Belt
You can never have enough belts, and these belts are built to last in Richmond out of a sturdy single-cut leather.
Belt, £20 Berber Leather, Richmond

Father's Day gifts

7. The Watch
This classic Cambridge watch is the perfect understated yet stylish time piece and makes a great gift any time.
Cambridge watch, £165 Rotary at David Summerfield, Chester-le-Street and Metrocentre

8. The Socks
Is it really Father’s Day if your old man doesn’t get at least one pair of socks? Get in there first and get him an Oddballs multipack. Oddballs are a charming North East-based underwear and sportswear manufacturer that consistently use their products to support local charities.
Socks, £9.99

9. The Wallet
This gorgeous handmade leather wallet is crafted in Hartlepool – and optional embossing means that you can leave a little note for your dad to make it extra special.
Wallet, £109

10. The Golf Bag
The Stromberg Organiser 4.0 is a modern waterproof club bag with a slick design. It has an innovative 14-way divider system that reduces noise by locking clubs into position.
Golf bag, £129.99 Stromberg at American Golf, branches regionwide

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