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Five Spring Scents
Health and beauty
May 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

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Brighter days mean switching up your scent for something lighter, fresher and with a bit of zing

Make one of these mood-boosting scents part of your new morning routine.
Under The Lemon Trees EDT

A real crowd pleaser and evoking sunnier climes, this sparkling citrus scent with green tea extract, cedar wood and white musk makes for the perfect everyday fragrance.
Under The Lemon Trees EDT, £110 Maison Margiela

Osmanthus Blossom Cologne

The luscious apricot and soft suede notes of this fruity flower combine with orange blossom and sensual cashmere in a light, crisp finish – perfect for warmer weather.
Osmanthus Blossom Cologne, £115 Jo Malone London

A Drop D’Issey Rain EDP

Fresh and invigorating, lilac and damask rose diffuse into a warm base of sandalwood and musk, reminiscent of the scent of a spring rain shower.
A Drop D’Issey Rain EDP, £86 Issey Miyake, Sephora UK

Flora Gorgeous Jasmine EDP

This fresh floral scent offers vintage charm with a modern twist. Citrusy notes dry down to clean white florals with just a hint of sandalwood at the base.
Flora Gorgeous Jasmine EDP, £91 Boots

Herbae par L’Occitane Spartium

With citrusy green top notes of rhubarb leaf and grapefruit, together with jasmine and yang ylang, this vibrant new scent is just perfect for lifting spirits this spring.
Herbae par L’Occitane Spartium, £60 L’Occitane

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