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October 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes

Designer bathroom specialists Stonebridge take us behind the scenes of a recent project

Ponteland-based bathroom specialists Stonebridge created this chic, modern space with a luxurious, spa-like finish.

Can you tell us about the space you were working with?
The existing space was lacking in any real design flow and it looked very disjointed. There was a wide, floor-to-ceiling wall in the middle of the room splitting the space into areas, but it made the space feel very dark and cramped, as it stopped natural light from moving through the space. The original wet floor tray was poorly fitted and had failed – basically, the room needed some TLC and thought.

Why was there a need for change?
The leak in the bathroom meant changes were needed before any major issues were caused. Aside from this, the layout just didn’t work for the space.

What were the clients looking to achieve?
The clients had a vision for an open-plan layout and wanted a sense of luxury, but as it was such a large room, they didn’t want the space to feel empty.

Tell us about the use of space in the new layout.
The idea was to maximise the amount of natural light coming in, doing this really opens up a room. Adding the peninsular gave us space for all the necessities a bathroom needs, but it’s also a functional piece of storage, which in turn hides the soil pipe. The double-sided mirror encased within the glass has allowed the natural light to flood the room and bounce from corner to corner.

Tell us about the use of colour and lighting.
The client wanted a luxurious feel without it looking garish. Opening up the room makes it feel more like a continuation of the rest of the house, meaning the bathroom feels as if it has been there forever. The use of the marble-effect porcelain gives the room a touch of luxury without the issues that can come with natural marble; tied perfectly into a bow with the brushed brass finishing touches adding a subtle element of grandeur. The different levels of lighting allow for different moods and different levels of function, depending on what the client requires of the bathroom at that moment.

Were there any challenges during the project?
The customer wanted to keep the curve of the turret within the design but didn’t want to use mosaic tiles (which are traditionally what you would use for curves, due to their flexibility). A lot of research went into finding a way to use 1200x600 tiles within the curve and adhere to both requests. The solution was to get the tiles waterjet cut on an angle, allowing us not only to create the beautiful seamless curve but also the vein of the marble to continue through the tiles.

Another challenge was the soil pipe we mentioned. The soil stack was internal, set into the middle of the room, with the floor created around it and then wet pipe system underfloor heating laid, which meant it couldn’t be moved without considerable damage. This would’ve had a knock on effect on the rest of the property’s heating and it was deemed not worth trying to move it. Due to this, the design was restricted hence the creation of the peninsular, giving the customer the design they were looking for and working within the constraints of the existing building. All in all it was the perfect solution. 

What’s your favourite part of the finished space?
Our favourite part of this bathroom is the shower area, with the beautiful brass detailing on the shower screens. It provides a fantastic functional space, but it’s also a decorative, stylish way to divide the space. That, along with the way the tiles seamlessly curve around that room, just make it stand out as our favourite.

Stonebridge Interiors, 19 Main Street, Ponteland, Newcastle NE20 9NH
01661 520251

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