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Guided Walks in the North East For All The Family To Get Involved In

Guided Walks in the North East For All The Family To Get Involved In
September 2021
Reading time 10 Minutes

From ghosts and ghouls to breathtaking scenery and city tours

There are plenty of unique guided walks throughout the North East for the whole family to get involved in. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites to get everyone out and about this summer.
Hadrians Wall
Alnwick Castle

Hadrian’s Wall Guided Tours

Take a walk back in time and experience Hadrian’s Wall as it was 2,000 years ago. You’ll be led by local tour guides dressed in authentic Roman soldier or Celtic warrior costumes, and be transported back to a time where the two cultures collided. The guides provide an in-depth interpretation of the era, as well as spoken narratives from both sides of the wall, telling tales of the natives and the occupying forces. Not only does the Hadrian’s Wall guided tour allow visitors to march in the footsteps of the soldiers along Rome’s Northern Frontier, but you will also be exploring a wealth of archeology against the breathtaking backdrop of Northumberland’s National Park. Choose from a shorter two-hour walk along Hadrian’s Wall, or partake in a half or full day guided excursion. Join in the fun by meeting guides at Cawfields, near Haltwhistle, before taking off on a Roman adventure. 

Ancient Britain
01434 688386

Til Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk  

Not for the faint hearted, Til Death Do Us Part is Newcastle’s original ghost walk. Aimed at an adult audience, this walking tour plays on Geordie humour to delve into the blood-curdling parts of the city’s haunted history. Join the paranormal investigators as they guide you through The Castle Keep, known for being one of the UK’s most haunted castles and prisons. This thrill-seeking walking tour also tells the tales of the witches of Newcastle, who still haunt the city’s ancient streets, as well as the stories of the gruesome murders of Victorian serial killer, Daniel Feany. Keep your cameras at the ready and enjoy this award-winning excursion that will keep you looking over your shoulder. 

Newcastle Ghost Walks
07525 639943

Harry Potter Tour at Alnwick Castle 

This award-winning adventure includes everything from broomstick training to a tour of the film sets at Alnwick Castle. Tour guide Rob takes on the character of Ron Weasley to keep you entertained throughout your journey to Hogwarts, and the Harry Potter Tour at Alnwick Castle is perfect for any young witches or wizards wanting to explore one of the major set locations for the first two Harry Potter films. Head outside for a broomstick lesson, where you will be practicing the art of flying on the very lawn Harry Potter and friends first learned their tricks. Tour tickets include admission to the castle to explore the state rooms, as well as the grounds, so there is plenty to see and do. 

Lundgren Tours
01670 783083


Sunderland Walking Tour

Discover the origins of the city of Sunderland with this guided walking tour, and take a look back through the ages, all the way to where the city’s regeneration started. This tour starts at Sunderland Minster and heads towards the heart of the city, where you will find Sunderland Empire, the largest theatre between London and Edinburgh. Move through the city making historic discoveries along the way before paying a visit to the city’s Museum and Winter Gardens. The tour comes to an end in the central business district, where the oldest existing Latin version of the Bible, the Codex Amiatinus, was written. 

Newcastle Tour Company
0191 500 9571

Walking Tour of Durham 

Soak in the atmosphere of Durham’s famous medieval city with Iles Tours and discover ancient treasures, including a visit to Durham Cathedral, as well as familiar locations seen in blockbuster films. Start the tour from Durham station and head into the city as your walking guide gives an in-depth introduction to the area that has grown around the shrine of Anglo-Saxon St. Cuthbert. The guides will explain the architecture and history of the Cathedral before showing you the Open Treasures housed here. This half-day tour is the perfect way to spend an afternoon learning the history of one of the North East’s most popular and picturesque cities, although if you are short on time, there’s a shorter two-hour excursion available. 

Iles Tours
07734 130422

Victoria Tunnel
Shepherd Walks

The Town Walls and Hidden Berwick Tours 

Offering guided walks around the town of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Explore Northumberland’s tours  allow visitors to explore 700 years of Berwick’s turbulent history. Follow guides through the town’s unique Elizabethan fortifications, with superb views along the valley of the River Tweed, as well as the stunning sights of the Northumberland heritage coast. The easy-to-walk route is great for the whole family to enjoy, and with access to two historical buildings typically not open to the public, you can truly embrace Berwick’s hidden heritage. Explore the 18th century gunpowder magazine, as well as the ice-house (typically used for salmon trade) which was built back in the 1780s. This tour is the perfect way to learn about the history of Berwick-upon-Tweed, whilst having a fun family day out. Tours start outside the public library in Walkergate and often don’t need to be pre-booked unless large groups are attending. 

Explore Northumberland
01289 330218

The Victoria Tunnel

Ouseburn Trust offers an exciting tour, taking visitors through the Victoria Tunnel that runs under the city of Newcastle. Stretching from the Town Moor to the River Tyne, The Victoria Tunnel is a 19th century wagon-way that was originally built to transport coal from Spital Tongues Colliery to the river in the 1800s, before being converted into an air-raid shelter during World War II. Ouseburn Trust have lots of history to share along this walking tour, where visitors can learn about how the tunnel was constructed and hear the stories of those who would have spent their days down in the dark. As the guides walk you through time, look out for the shelters where the residents of Newcastle would have hidden from the bombing raids of the Second World War. The guides even point out parts of the walk where you are under famous Newcastle landmarks, including a unique chance to walk underneath part of Hadrian’s Wall. Tours usually start at the Victoria Tunnel Visitor Centre in Ouseburn, and visitors begin their journey at the entrance of Ouse Street.

Ouseburn Trust
0191 2304210

The Cheviot Foothills

Lace up your walking boots for this six-mile guided walk around Humbleton Hill in the foothills of the Cheviots. Humbleton Hill is the site of an iron age fort dating back to 300BC, and it’s also where a significant battle between the Scots, led by Archibald Earl of Douglas, and England’s Harry Hotspur took place in September 1402, which saw the Scots defeated by the sheer skill and manpower of the English archers. Starting in Wooler, the guided walk is a relatively easy circular one which follows part of St Cuthbert’s Way, and from the summit there are fabulous views over the valley below and across to the Cheviot Hills.

Shepherds Walks
01669 621044

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