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How to Hang the Perfect Nest Box in Your Garden on National Nest Box Week

Blue Tit at a nesting box
February 2023
Reading time 2 Minutes

National Nest Box Week (14th-21st February) was launched by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and is now an annual event

For more than 20 years, they've been sharing the troubles our garden birds face and encouraging the installation of nest boxes. The experts at CJ Wildlife tell us about the importance of Nest Box Week and where you should hang yours.

Why does it matter?

National Nest Box Week encourages the public to hang a nest box in their garden or local green space. With the lack of messy gardens and parks, plus over-pruned trees and neatly trimmed hedges, our birds face hardship when searching for their perfect nesting space. The nooks and crannies our birds love so much are minimal these days, making breeding even harder and impacting the populations of some species.

Why a nest box?

Nothing compares to the real thing, but a nest box comes close. Designed to mimic their preferred nesting spaces, nest boxes allow our garden birds a safe, secure, and warm space to raise their young. 
CJ Wildlife have a handy guide to choosing the right nest box for the birds you spot in your garden on their website.

Nesting box amongst trees

Where do I hang my nest box?

Many people want to see the nest box and all the wildlife which comes to visit, but this can deter birds from using it. Nest boxes should be positioned somewhere safe, away from potential predators, out of direct sunlight and prevailing winds. Many standard nest boxes can be placed 1.5 metres from the ground on a sturdy tree trunk or secure wall. Make sure the entrance to the hole is clear and not obstructed by foliage!

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Extra tip: Many people hang their nest boxes near feeding stations thinking this will help birds thrive. This is not the case and birds may be reluctant to roost if other birds are nearby, as they may pose a threat. Keep nest boxes and feeding stations apart. 
CJ Wildlife have an expert guide to hanging your nest box safely on their website.

CJ Wildlife are rehoming 500,000 birds this nest box season. They launched their pledge in October to rehome half a million birds by March 2023 and they are close to achieving their goal. Alongside their European branch, Vivara, CJ Wildlife have rehomed nearly 350,000 birds. With a small way to go before achieving their collective goal, they have 14 percent off nest boxes during the BTO National Nest Box Week for you to help your garden birds thrive.

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