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It’s a Dog’s Life
February 2022
Reading time 1 Minute

Living North’s new canine columnist is here to share the inside track on his favourite dog-friendly spots

Say hello to LN’s official office pooch, Winston

Morning all!

How’s it hanging? It’s been a really pretty ruff start to my new career here with Living North and before you all start barking at me, please give me some space. You see I’ve had Covid, which means I’ve been self-isolating. Symptoms have been okay but I’ve just been dog-tired as you might say. A wet nose is common but it’s been runny and I’ve had a cough, but overall all seems good. Anyway, all is not lost as I’ve taken this time to read some books I was given for Christmas and one was the Good Hotel Guide, it’s not a bad read to be fair and has some good suggestions for trips away.

Office Dog

To cut to the chase, my job is to bring you some great ideas for places to go, walks, pubs, holidays – just whatever comes into my mind. I've been observing this type of thing for many years with my parents so I'm something of an expert, if that doesn't sound too conceited. I also have certain views on life, some of which I might share with you from time to time. I often chat these through with my Dad and he says I'm strange, which is rich given he talks so much drivel and always laughs at his own jokes, but I love him most of the time, and as you'll know owners, like us, need time to chill too.

As a German-French combo of a dog (a Daxi-Doodle) I can be a bit fussy and opinionated so I apologise in advance if I offend. I also have a few foibles which I might share with you if it's appropriate, from time to time. Hopefully you’ll get to know me and maybe you’ll get in touch and tell me about some of your own favourite places so I can share them.

My first thought is a really great little pub in Jesmond, The Carriage. Many of you may know it as I bump into loads of canine characters there. The land-dog is a rather annoying Whippet – he thinks he owns the place, actually I suppose he does, he gets everywhere but I think he means well. I’m not sure of his name but my Dad says it’s probably In or Out and then chortles, as he does. Anyway, there are cracking fires, a nice outdoor space, and inside treats are there for your pleasure, you can literally just help yourselves. To be fair I only like my Mum’s treats, but even so it’s great to see. On the downside the menu is pretty much vegan, but a man with a huge beard and his girlfriend who had strange things in her nose said it was really good.

One of my reasons for writing is to tell you about good walks and I have to say the Carriage isn’t the best in this regard, but don’t let that put you off. Next time I’m going to share one of my favourite walks with you and a pub that’s so good for us canines it’ll make your hair stand on end, even if you’re a Pug!

Until then keep on smiling!

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