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It’s a Dog’s Life: Winnie Feels the Heat
June 2022
Reading time 1 Minute

LN’s office dog is back with another dose of A Dog’s Life

This week, Winnie’s getting wound up by traffic lights and sharing his tips on dealing with the heatwave.
Postgate Inn Postgate Inn

Hi Hounds,

Hope all’s well with you and you've not been too hot under the collar this week. Mind you, talk about a North-South divide, I was chatting to a dog-pal in London and he was positively roasting, and as for my dear old cousin on the south coast he was absolutely hating the heat.

I've been a bit peeved this week too, not by too much sunshine, but by the traffic lights in Newcastle. I go to a lot of cities in Yorkshire and the North East and I reckon there must be a complete bozo in charge of the traffic lights in Newcastle. Talk about the wrong settings – it can't be that difficult to sort out, surely, can it? Maybe he/she went on holiday and forgot to tell anyone? Either way I hope he/she's got his/her tail between his/her legs. That's another thing that's getting me going just now, all this his/her stuff, but Dad says don't go there as you can't win whatever you say. I think that's a bit of a pathetic attitude but I'll go along with him for now.

So when you're hot take care, find yourself a good rock-pool or even a river. But in all cases take care or just go to Scotland as it's always pretty cold there. If you're looking for a good pub in the middle of nowhere head to Egton Bridge and try the Postgate Inn, it's great value and cheerful and offers good food. There’s a river nearby and the stepping stones there are also great fun if you like that sort of thing.

Anyway keep cool, stay calm and if all else fails try some tai chi.

Toodle pup,

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