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It’s a Dog’s Life: Winston’s Ruminations on Royal Hounds

Winston in front of a Laptop
May 2022
Reading time 5 minutes

Living North’s canine columnist is back

This week he’s looking ahead to the Platinum Jubilee.
Howdie hounds!

I hope all is well? Sorry I've missed the last two columns, one because I was on holiday and the other because my laptop messed up. I know it's crazy but I've never been that keen on technology. Anyway, here I am again and today I'm planning a few trips away over the really long weekend when dogs of all breeds will raise a paw and a glass to QE2, what a lady. Mind you, I'm not sure if those Corgi types are the best companions and the Sandringham Labs are surely an altogether better choice of escort for such a dignified person. In fact she's done so well not just with dealing with a pack of Corgis but also with that old dog (as Dad calls him) Prince Andrew. They say you shouldn't kick a man when he's down, but really...

We were discussing the line-up for the big concert in the office that's due to take place at Buck House next weekend, I have to say the Queen has a very eclectic taste... Peppa Pig as well... I mean come on. I'm looking forward to that Afghan lookalike Brian May on top of the Palace strutting his stuff.

One final point this week is addressed to the Scousers who booed the National Anthem the other day, can you believe it?

Anyway, if you fancy a really good hike that's easily accessible from both the North East and Yorkie land try the one that takes in Low Force and High Force waterfalls, and while you're there check out the High Force Hotel for a great Sunday lunch or just a well earned post-perambulation pint.

Toodle pup,

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