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February 2023
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Don’t miss this incredible Early Bird offer for the UK’s biggest outdoor live theatre experience

Kynren – An Epic Tale of England returns to its spectacular Bishop Auckland stage in County Durham for 2023, with an extended run and an extra special offer for early bird bookings.

Performed by a 1,000-strong cast and crew on a 7.5-acre outdoor stage, the show will take audiences on a thrilling adventure through 2,000 years of history during a seven-week run from the end of July.

Last summer, Kynren hosted a very special guest in the form of TV celebrity Robson Green. He was filming for his series Robson Green's North-East Weekend Escapes, which is currently airing on BBC2 at 6.30pm each weekday evening.

The episode in which he visits 11Arches Park was shown on Thursday 2nd February (also available on iPlayer). After experiencing the live performance, Robson posted on Instagram: ‘An event I shall never forget and I shall be returning this year. Kynren is a comfort blanket for the soul’.

During his visit he met 11Arches CEO and co-founder Anne-Isabelle Daulon and spent time discovering the show’s backstage life, before enjoying an evening performance. 

Audiences can watch Boudicca’s courageous but doomed uprising against the Romans, and the clash of Viking and Anglo-Saxon leaders at the battle of Stamford Bridge. Experience the excitement of daring jousting knights on horseback charging at full speed and witness the future King Arthur’s magical encounter with the Lady of the Lake, as he draws the sword Excalibur from the stone.

Step aboard Queen Elizabeth I’s royal barge on which she invites Shakespeare to introduce to her some of his most famous characters; trace the bloody outcome of England’s Civil War, and follow King Charles’ final journey to the executioner’s block.

Join in the lavish celebrations of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and travel with the brave soldiers to the battlefields of the continent during both World Wars.

Each scene is brought to unforgettable life and enhanced by an original soundtrack by the award-winning composer Nathan Stornetta.

Running every Saturday throughout the summer from 29th July–9th September, there is also a new seating category for 2023 to cater for a wider range of budgets.

Save 25% with this Early Bird offer

Anyone who books online before 28th February will get 25% discount off standard, standard plus, deluxe and superior seating VIP with a 15% discount for VIP tickets.

To book your early bird discounted ticket, visit

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