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Leeds-based B!G K!D Are Tackling Child Poverty One Sale at a Time

Leeds-based B!G K!D
January 2022
Reading time 5 Minutes

The team at B!G K!D aim to remedy the blight of child poverty in Yorkshire

We take a look at how Leeds-based B!G K!D are tackling child poverty, climate change, and eco-consciousness with a smile; bringing high quality homeware and retail to the forefront of fighting injustice

Love people, Love the planet’, this was the mantra chanted to us by B!G K!D and Kidz Klub Leeds veteran, Sarah. In an age of disturbing levels of child poverty and a reluctance by businesses to adopt positive environmental practices, the team at B!G K!D aim to remedy the blight of child poverty in Yorkshire with a positive message – protect each other, save the planet, and express yourself while doing it.

B!G K!D is a 100 percent non-profit online retailer, creating high quality homeware and clothing products that are created ‘for people and planet’ with love and care. ‘All of our products are either vegan, organic, Fair Wear or Profits for People, and sometimes they’re all four,’ Sarah explains, with all proceeds going towards lifting impoverished children out of poverty. With a dedication to sustainability, Sarah and B!G K!D want people to be reassured that their products have a moral conscience. ‘We want people to have confidence that it’s a win for the planet and a win for people.’ However, this alone wouldn’t be enough to describe the extent of B!G K!D’s vision.

Sarah and B!G K!D’s parent charity, Kidz Klub, both passionately believe in nurturing future generations to be the best they can possibly be, regardless of their circumstance. ‘We must support the future generation to shine,’ says Sarah. That ethos is taken into directly into B!G K!D. ‘It’s a way for people to shop that supports wellness for children, but it’s also about making good choices. They’re investing in the literal future of our planet – young people,’ she adds. It’s clear B!G K!D’s products have a strong community focus. When you purchase a jumper through B!G K!D’s ‘mini and me’ collection you aren’t only getting a matching jumper set for yourself and a child, you’re fighting child poverty, spreading a positive message of cross-generational unity, and helping to fund Kidz Klub community projects, such as: litter picks, park cleanups or their Young Leaders programme. B!G K!D have managed to curate a product line where you can look good and not feel bad about it (we’re looking at you, fast fashion). 

Working with approximately 1,000 children a week, in addition to their charitable fund raising, both Kidz Klub and B!G K!D are using their platform to help empower children to rise above their circumstances. Appalled by the effects of poverty in the Yorkshire communities B!G K!D are fighting societal symptoms of poverty such as: life expectancy being ‘eight years lower than the average child’, significantly worse rates of child literacy, and ripples of child hunger.

You can help and support B!G K!D by gifting yourself or a loved one a B!G K!D product. With a huge range of premium and sustainable clothing there’s plenty of options to choose from. Sarah tells me her favourite is the B!G K!D logo hoodie. ‘It’s just a really soft, comfy, organic hoodie – I love it.’

You can also donate to their Young Leaders scheme through the Kidz Klub website, which helps young people gain invaluable skills towards their future. And finally, you can sign up to programmes on the Kidz Klub challenge page. Feel like taking a shot at running the Liverpool to Leeds canal? Perhaps ‘It’s A Knockout!’ sounds less painful? Either way, these challenges are open to everyone.

Before we let you go, B!G K!D collective want you to know that although the topics discussed are very serious and concerning, they rise to these challenges with a smile. Joyful and positive to the core, they don’t want people to worry about their future. Amongst often gloomy discourse about poverty and climate action, B!G K!D are standing with a night light to keep the monsters away.

Avenues of support can be found by following directions in the links below:

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