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Living North Readers Share Their Own Photographs in Memory of Sycamore Gap

Sycamore Gap in snow and low winter sun by James Little James Little
November 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Following the cruel felling of the Sycamore Gap tree, we asked our readers to share their own favourite images of this iconic site

We were overwhelmed by the response, and here we share
just some of the fabulous photos we were sent, along with a
special tribute to the much-missed tree.
Ian Sproat MJE Photography Ian Sproat MJE Photography
Stevie Landscapes Stevie Landscapes

No prouder icon can there be
Than this oh so special, humble tree.
For generations you have stood,
A mighty monarch, made of wood.
To guard the wall between the gap
A friend to all, with veins of sap.

Through war and peace you've grown old
In days of warmth and nights so cold.
Storms aplenty you have faced
And warmer days you've oft embraced.
With soil below and stars above
You've marked our landscape, hand in glove.

You welcomed all, rich and poor
To give a sight we all adore.
With branches bold, clothed in leaf
You gave us hope in times of grief.
Assured, glorious and so sublime
You made our spirits climb and climb.

So while your might has been cut down
Let's keep a smile and not a frown.
For in our hearts we must agree
You're a friend for life, not just a tree.
And in your place you must accede
Is a place of calm for you to seed.

Julian West

Steve Walker Steve Walker
Alpha Bravo Photography Alpha Bravo Photography
Jon Cole Photography Jon Cole Photography
Elisha Scott Elisha Scott

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