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Living North's Best Buys For the New Year, Fenwick
January 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes
Everything you need in your home this month.
Best Buys for January

1. Larger holophane pendant in prismatic glass with brass belt, £460

2. New for this season, the Cassiano collection of contemporary weaves features modern twists on classic checks, with each design named after a ski resort in the Dolomites. Osborne & Little, stockists regionwide

3. Grey ribbed glass vase with dried fluffy reed grass bouquet, £108.99

4. We love these ‘perfectly imperfect’ handmade gold luster heart decorations. £4.50 Rebecca Ridley Ceramics

Best buys for January

5. Cotton zig zag cushion, £20 Fire & Co, South Shields

6. Artificial grass wreath, £68

7. Dried flower glass baubles, £2.99 Dobbies, branches regionwide

8. The new Fenwick at Home collection includes this luxurious bedding, made with traditional skill and expertise in a Portuguese atelier. Fenwick, Newcastle and York

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