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Living North’s Big New Year Quiz!
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December 2021
Reading time 10 Minutes

Test your local knowledge with our great New Year Quiz!

The first four sections require you to find the common link. Some are simple, some require a bit of word play. Some you might have to get the link and work backwards! Good luck!


1. Which Australian cricketer, widely acknowledge as the greatest batsman of all time, retired with a test batting average of 99.94? 

2. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the signs of which traditional zodiac element?

3. In sport, what is the name given to a stand used to support and elevate a stationary ball prior to striking with a foot, club or bat?

4. Native to Cuba and weighing on average just two grams, what are the world’s smallest birds?

The connection is…?


1. What is the name of the alcoholic drink generally made from the fermentation of grapes?

2. First recorded by Petula Clark in 1964, this song was a global number one and has since been re-released by artists including Dolly Parton and Emma Bunton.

3. Which Jane Austen novel where the titular character engages in ill-advised matchmaking was re-released as a film starring Anya Taylor-Joy in 2020?

4. In medicine, the cardiac cycle, that begins with the isovolumic relaxation and finishes with the ventricular ejection is commonly known as what?

The connection is…?


1. What is the name given to the watertight body of a ship or boat?

2. What is the name given to cut of lamb  which is a cross section from the loin, producing a double-sided chop?

3. England rugby star Maro Itoje attended which exclusive London private school after earning a scholarship there?

4. What term describes the state of the atmosphere, explaining phenomena such as temperature, precipitation and clarity?

The connection is…?


1. Ginger, turnips, radishes and fennel are all edible varieties of what?

2. What term means to withdraw from commercial or social relations (with a country, organisation, or person) as a punishment or protest?

3. Who was President of the USA at the end of World War II?

4. A general decline in the stock market over a period of time that includes a transition from high investor optimism to widespread investor fear and pessimism is known by the name of what animal?

The connection is…?

Leeds United footballer 1. Who is this Leeds United footballer, pictured playing for England at Euro 2020 this summer?
the roof of Yorkshire 2. Known as ‘the roof of Yorkshire’, what is Yorkshire’s highest peak, shown below?
3. Who is this prominent Yorkshire politician and philanthropist who was a key leader in the movement to abolish the slave trade?
4. The crumbly medium cheese shown here is a protected product and named for the Yorkshire village in which it was first sold at market.
5. Who is the lead singer of Yorkshire band Arctic Monkeys, depicted below?
6. This mansion house, drawn below in 1829, still stands in the town centre of which South Yorkshire Town?
7. The below shows the cast of which 1997 film set in Sheffield?

Work out the famous Yorkshire figure from the biography

1. Born in Sheffield in 1959, I graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, making my theatrical debut in Romeo and Juliet in 1983. Famous for retaining my Yorkshire accent in my roles, I have starred in Patriot Games, GoldenEye, The Lord of the Rings and Troy as well as playing Ned Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

2. Born in Middlesbrough in 1927, I was a footballer and manager. I finished my career at Leeds United, taking up the manager’s role in 1961 where I stayed for 13 years during the club’s most successful era. Under me, Leeds won two League titles, two FA cups and five other trophies. This led to me being appointed to an ill-fated reign as England manager.

3. Born in 1452, I was the last King of the House of York and the last of the Plantagenet Dynasty. I was defeated by Henry Tudor at the battle of Bosworth Field in the last decisive battle of the War of the Roses and am the last English King to die in battle.

4. Born in Pontefract in 1982, I was a rugby league player for Leeds Rhinos winning eight Super League championships, two Challenge Cups and won the Harry Sunderland trophy twice. I stand at only 5’5 and was known as ‘the smallest player in Super League’. I was made an MBE in 2021 for services to Rugby League and the Motor Neurone Disease community.

5. Born in Sheffield in 1963, I was the founder and frontman of the band Pulp. We shot to fame as part of the Britpop wave of the 90s with the number one album Different Class. I have since performed as a solo artist, as well as becoming a regular DJ and panel show host.

6. Born in Doncaster, I was a child actor, and my parents paid for my private education by making Paddington Bear stuffed toys. I was the original host of Robot Wars, I play the drums (a bit), and I am well known for my love of the band Genesis, and my dislike of Piers Morgan. Oh, and there’s a well supported petition to make me PM


1. Michael Palin was born in Sheffield to the manager of a toilet paper factory and the daughter of the High Sheriff of Nottingham (honestly!). He is well known for being part of Monty Python, and latterly for his BBC Documentary travel series, including Around The World in 80 Days and Pole to Pole. But what was his first post-Python TV series, which he co-wrote with Terry Jones?

2. Richmond’s Grade I Georgian theatre is Britain’s most complete Georgian playhouse. It opened in 1788 and was in regular use until 1830. Following two extensive restorations it again plays an important role within the community, but in between times it has had other uses. In 1848 the theatre was let as an auction house. Around that time the theatre’s pit was converted for an altogether different use. Do you know what that was?

3. Emmerdale is the second longest running TV soap, and there is actually now a village called Emmerdale, which was previously Beckindale but was renamed following the soap’s most popular and dramatic storyline, which saw 18.6 million viewers tune in. The storyline was so prolific that is was the first ever soap crossover, featuring on the front page of a newspaper in Brookside. What was the storyline?

4. Actor, comedian, musician, writer and television presenter Ade Edmondson was born in Bradford. Probably best known for writing and appearing in the television series The Young Ones and Bottom, in 1984 Edmondson and his co-stars from the Young Ones had a number one hit single, released for the inaugural Comic Relief. They teamed up with one of Britain’s best-selling musical artists of all time. Do you know who?

5. English artist Dame Barbara Hepworth (1903–1975) is credited as being one of the few female artists to achieve international prominence with her modernist sculpture. She grew up in Wakefield and spent time in Italy, where she learnt to carve marble, before settling in St Ives. Her work as a sculptor is well known but in the late 1940s she also created a remarkable series of 80 drawings and paintings which highlighted her less well known skill as a draughtsperson. They all shared the same subject matter. Do you know what that was?

6. Home to the legendary 007 Stage, a further 23 stages, three TV studios and the unique permanently-filled Underwater Stage, Britain’s famous Pinewood Studios was founded by J. Arthur Rank. Which Yorkshire city did he call home?


Can you name these pieces of public art, and do you know where you’d find them? 


Discover the answers here

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