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LJ Ross Book Club: February
Staying in
January 2022
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Northumberland-born LJ Ross is the bestselling author of the DCI Ryan murder mystery series. Each month, she shares an exclusive Book Club pick with Living North readers

In a departure from our usual preference for classic crime and thriller fiction, this month’s LJ Ross Book Club selection is Beth O’Leary’s heart-warming The Flat Share, which tells the tale of Tiffy and Leon, who share an apartment, but have never met – a unique state of affairs brought about by their mutual desperation to find an affordable place to live which suits their differing lifestyles. Leon, who works nightshifts, will use the apartment during the day while Tiffy is at the office, and she will use it at all other times while Leon is at work. They begin writing to one another through post-it notes and, soon enough, they’re falling in love…
The Flat Share, Beth O'Leary



 ‘At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a light rom-com and not much else – but you’d be mistaken. The Flat Share is utterly heartwarming despite having its darker moments – including the author’s exploration of manipulative relationships and the residual fall-out – which is what makes the book relatable and the characters believable. It’s packed full of everyday, observational humour, but the easy, free-flowin style of writing is the real winner of the day and makes the story so readable. Perfect to pick up and fall into at the end of a long day, and a long January!’

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