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Meet the Artists Coming to Living North LIVE
March 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes

Living North LIVE is back in York this March!

Here’s a sneaky glimpse at some of the stunning artists and the beautiful creations you can expect to find at York Racecourse this March.
Anna cook art Anna Cook Paper Art
Ben Staves Ben Staves
Rosie Smith Rosie Smith

Anna Cook Paper Art

Anna Cook’s stunning paper cut artwork is inspired by botanical drawings of animal subjects, the natural world, and the expressive personalities of woodland creatures captured vividly in their natural habitats.

Ben Staves

Illustrating urban landscapes as otherworldly 3D globes, Ben Staves designs print drawings depicting his favourite cities, drinking scenes, and sporting stadiums across the country.

Rosie Smith

Rosie Smith makes expressive wildlife watercolour pieces designed with the intention of recreating the beautiful kinetic movement of our natural world through sustainable paintings and giftware. Follow Rosie Smith on Instagram: @rosiesmithgiftware

Haf and Co Haf and Co

Laura Pennell Art

Laura Pennell’s depictions of animals and nature are painted in meticulous detail, full of bright colour and characterful representations of creatures amongst the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

Haf and Co

A gift and lifestyle retailer with the mission of spreading awareness of oceanic pollution, creating environment-positive products depicting the beauty of sealife – 10 percent of profits are donated to marine conservation charities.

Fiona Lane Art

Inspired by the Yorkshire countryside, Fiona Lane paints coastal vistas and enchanting woodlands in an abstract style mainly for canvas; applied with bold colours textured by palette knives, brushes and detailing from mixed media.

Vicky Davidson

Vicky Davidson creates vivid, hopeful and ethereal artwork depicting animals, portraits and landscapes in a variety of oils, pastels, acrylics, watercolours and charcoals.

Laura Pennell Art Laura Pennell Art
Vicky Davidson Vicky Davidson
Fiona Lane Art Fiona Lane Art

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